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Publications - 2015

Nicholls, R, Dawson, R, Day, S, Mimura, N, Nursey-Bray, M, Nurse, L, Sallenger, A, Stive, M, White, K and Zanuttigh, B (2015) Generic lessons for coastal management in the third millennium, Chapter 14, in Nicholls, R, Dawson, R and Day, R (Eds.) Broad scale coastal simulation: new techniques to understand and manage shorelines in the third millennium, Wiley Publishers.

Nursey-Bray, M, Nicholls, R, Vince, J, Harvey, N and Day, S (2015) Public participation, coastal management and climate change adaptation, Chapter 15, in Green, D and Payne, J (Eds.) Marine and Coastal Resource Management: Principles and Practice, Routledge/Taylor Francis.

Button, C D and Harvey, N (2015) Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climate Change on the South Australian Coast, Proceedings of the Royal Society of South Australia, 139 (1): 38-56 (link).

Clarke, B and Menadue T (in press) Fit for purpose? Establishing the robustness of EIA screening practice using a case study from South Australia, Journal of Environmental Planning and Management.

Chiang, J, Shulmeister, J, Woodward, C, Steinberger, L, Tibby, J and Barr, C (in press) A chironomid-inferred summer temperature reconstruction from subtropical Australia during the last glacial maximum (LGM) and the last deglaciation, Quaternary Science Reviews.

Harvey, N and Stocker L, (2015) Coastal residential waterways, science and policy-making: The Australian experience, Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 155: A1-13 (link).

James, K, Bourman, R P and Harvey, N (in press) Rapid Evolution of a Flood Tidal Deltaic Island in the River Murray Estuary, South Australia: A Canary in the Cage of River Management, Journal of Coastal Research (link).

Moss, P, Tibby, J, Shapland, F, Fairfax, R, Stewart, P, Barr, C, Petherick, L, Gontz, A and Sloss, C (in press) Patterned Fen Formation and Development from the Great Sandy Region, south east Queensland, Australia, Marine and Freshwater Research.

Nursey-Bray, M, Smith, T and Harvey, N (in press) Learning and Local Government in coastal South Australia: towards a community of practice to adapting to global change, Regional Environmental Change.

Nursey-Bray, M (2015) Partnerships and Ports: Negotiating Climate Adaptive Governance for Sustainable Transport Regimes, International Journal of Sustainable Transportation, (link).

Scott, M W (in press) Re-theorizing social network analysis and environmental governance, Progress in Human Geography (link).

Scott, M W and Harvey, N (in press) Translating science into coastal development decisions: the articulations science and planning in South Australia, The Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning (link).

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Harvey, N (2015) Book review of "Climate change & coastal development law in Australia", Australasian Journal of Environmental Management (link).

Wongthong, P, Arunothai, N, Nightingale, M, Fogerite, J and Dearden, P (2015) Rapid socio-ecological assessment of the Myeik Archipelago. International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Centre for Coastal Research

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