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Environmental change in coastal lakes

Principal Investigator: Tibby

This research is focused on inferring the past water quality of coastal lakes. This information is used to understand how these lakes have responded to climate change and human impact. Previous research focuses particularly on the extent to which the lakes of the lower River Murray were naturally saline, the natural frequency of storm surges on the New South Wales coast and detailing the effects of water management on coastal wetlands in the Lower Burdekin catchment, Queensland.


Paleoclimate studies are being utilised along with natural-resource management to unravel human impacts and climate variability of the Murray-Darling Basin (Tibby is a co-author). Wilkinson et al. (2014) (Tibby is a co-author) microbiotic signatures of the Anthropocene in marginal marine and freshwater palaeoenvironments have been analysed.

Centre for Coastal Research

The Centre for Coastal Research is no longer active. For all coastal research matters, please contact Professor Nick Harvey.