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Foredune Dynamics

Principal Investigator: Hesp

coastal NZ city

Near Auckland, New Zealand
(source Romana Dew)

The flow dynamics over foredunes are being examined by Hesp and Smyth at a variety of localities across the world including Prince Edward Island, Canada, Arcata, California and Stewart Island, New Zealand. Components studied include aeolian flow dynamics, sediment transport and computational fluid dynamics (CFD).


  • Hesp, P.A. and T.A.G. Smyth (in press), Dunes formed due to vegetation and obstacles, in: Aeolian Geomorphology: a new introduction, Eds: Livingstone, I. and Warren, A. (chapter submitted December 2014)
  • Smyth, T.A.G.  (in review), A review of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) airflow modelling over aeolian landforms (accepted for review 29/04/15)
  • Hesp, P.A. and T.A.G. Smyth (in review), Jet flow over foredunes, Journal of Geophysical Research, Earth Surface Processes.  (accepted for review 12/02/15)
  • Smyth, T.A.G. and P.A., Hesp, (2015), Aeolian Dynamics of Beach Scraped Dunes, Coastal Engineering, 99: 38-45.




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