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Evolution of the South Australian coast

Principal Investigators: Bourman, Harvey and Murray-Wallace

canal estate

Ethel Wreck Beach, South Australia
(source Nick Harvey)

This project provides a detailed geomorphological and geological analysis of the evolution of the South Australian Coast. In large part it draws on previous research including that of the theme leaders to bring together a better understanding of the evolution of the coastal landscape in South Australia. This will involve aspects of geology, geomorphology, coastal ecology and also human influences on the South Australian coast.


The results are compiled into a book that will be published by the University of Adelaide Press later in 2015.  The book is divided into 12 chapters, including 10 regional chapters: the southeast coast, the Murray Estuary, Fleurieu Peninsula, Adelaide metropolitan coast, northern Gulf St Vincent, Yorke Peninsula, northern Spencer Gulf, the gulf coast of Eyre Peninsula and Western Eyre Peninsula.

Centre for Coastal Research

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