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Economic Sustainability

Prof Stephen Grano

Leader: Prof Stephen Grano, The University of Adelaide

We need to make sure that new processes for producing high quality copper concentrates add value for industry now and into the future. Prof Stephen Grano

The Need for Research

It is crucial that any technologies or processes developed to remove non-target metals from copper concentrates are economically sustainable for industry, and also meet national and international regulations.

Monitoring Markets, Regulatory Environment

A/Prof Tony Hooker will lead the Hub team that will determine the national and international radiation regulatory implications of any new processes developed.

Why Cost-Effective and Practical Solutions for Industry Matters

This research will ensure any processes developed and implemented for producing high quality copper concentrates are scalable, cost-effective, reliable and practical for industry.

Partner organisations will be uniquely placed to incorporate and trial processes in the course of their commercial activities, and if necessary, Prof Stephen Grano and Adelaide Enterprise will engage technology companies to commercialise Hub outcomes for industry.

Interested in partnering with the Hub? Contact Prof Stephen Grano to get involved or register your interest to receive Hub research updates.

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