Information for Staff

Counselling Support provides information for staff who may have concerns regarding a student.

  • Concern for a student's wellbeing

    If you are concerned about a student's wellbeing:

    • Please call us as soon as possible within office hours (9am-5pm Monday to Friday) on 8313 5663.
    • Ask to speak with the Triage and Assessment Counsellor.
    • Please inform the Triage and Assessment Counsellor of what your concerns are about the particular student. Your conversation is Confidential. However, if a student is at risk of harming themselves or another person then risk overrides the needs for confidentiality.
    • The Triage and Assessment Counsellor will talk you through what steps you can take or what they will do as follow up.

    Inappropriate, concerning or threatening student behaviour

    The Early Intervention Group is set up to assist staff to manage students and their behaviour which is of an inappropriate, concerning or threatening nature.

    Student Medical Assessment and Leave Policy

    The University is a research and learning community where students of diverse backgrounds and circumstances are supported to participate in the pursuit of knowledge.

    Students have the primary responsibility for maintaining their own health and wellbeing. In addition, the University has a framework of policies and services to assist students to manage ongoing or intermittent health conditions which could impact on their studies. Students should be encouraged to seek the advice and support of these services.

    Where a serious health condition adversely impacts on capacity to study or behaviour and risks harm to self or others, or otherwise disrupts the activities of the University, a health assessment and/or a leave of absence from study and a managed return to study may be initiated by the University under this Policy.

    View Student Medical Assessment and Leave Policy

  • Learn more about mental health

    It is widely accepted that 1 in 5 people in the population will experience a mental illness. A far higher number experience psychological symptoms that affect their sense of wellbeing, their ability to study, work and function optimally.

    There are a number of evidence-based treatments and therapeutic approaches for the majority of diagnosable mental illnesses. Students may need a variety of supports as they navigate study alongside their experience of mental illness. These can include, but are not limited to:

    • registering with the Disability service in order to get an Access Plan for their study.
    • appointments with GP or other mental health specialist to manage and/or monitor medication (if prescribed)
    • Mental health care plan to access Medicare covered Private Psychology sessions (There may be a gap payment).
    • appointments with a Student Counsellor at the University of Adelaide.
    • appointments with Student Care.
    • Occasional hospital inpatient stays (Very rare).

    Mental Health Awareness online training

  • Staff counselling

    The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides free counselling assistance to University employees experiencing personal difficulties at work or at home. Counselling is provided by an experienced and impartial team of counsellors who are employed by an external agency.

    EAP is confidential and anonymous.

    Any staff member wishing to access a Counsellor can contact the service direct by phoning (+61 8) 8352 9898 during business hours or 0418 883 855 after hours and on weekends and public holidays.