CHEM ENG 4055 - Advanced Unit Operations Laboratory

North Terrace Campus - Semester 2 - 2014

This course is aimed at further developing practical, problem-solving, project management, leadership & teamwork, and written & oral communication skills. This is done through the students undertaking in small groups under light supervision a number of open-ended day-long laboratory-based projects. Each student in the group takes on the leadership role for one of the experiments. In this role, the student must plan the project, carry out all necessary risk assessments, prepare all necessary safe operating procedures (SOPs), supervise the experimental work undertaken by the group, and lead the preparation of the laboratory report. The performance of the student as a leader and manger of the group is assessed by their peers in the group. The performance of the group members on the project is assessed by the group-leader. The preliminary planning and safety-related work prior to the experiment and the laboratory report are assessed by the demonstrator.

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