CEME 2006 - Environmental Modelling and Simulation

North Terrace Campus - Semester 2 - 2020

The course addresses the major steps in the development of environmental models, and how they are used for decision-making, with a particular emphasis on water quality and responding to potential climate change impacts. Topics to be covered include one or more of the following: model specification (types of models e.g. process-driven models, artificial neural networks, environmental processes, model complexity, model application), model calibration (different optimisation methods, including gradient methods and evolutionary algorithms), model validation (structural, replicative and predictive validity) and stochastic modelling (types of uncertainty, random variables, risk-based performance measures and reliability analysis, including Monte Carlo simulation), environmental decision-making (multi-objective trade-offs, multi-criteria decision analysis). These topics will be explored through a project on managing dissolved oxygen and salinity in a river system under climate and population change.

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