General FAQs

The University is closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation, and our response is being shaped by the latest advice from Australian health and foreign affairs authorities. 

Information about buildings and facilities

With many staff and students back on campus, the University continues to take advice from Government and health authorities to ensure a safe campus environment. While most buildings and retailers are open, there may be some changes to opening hours or access conditions. 

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  • What do I need to know about COVID-19?

    Read the latest advice from the Government, including information on symptoms and how to seek medical advice.

  • Are there any quarantine requirements for students or staff returning from overseas?

    Australia's borders remain closed, with only Australian citizens, permanent residents and their dependants still able to enter the country. A travel bubble with New Zealand was created and when open (noting that it is subjected to border restrictions from time to time) allows entry from that country to Australia. Read more about the Australian Government’s travel restrictions.

    Travellers arriving in Australia will be subject to the quarantine requirements of the state they arrive in. These vary from time to time and from state to state. Those travelling will be informed of requirements by local police or health authorities. It is important to note that both your overseas arrival into one state and any subsequent travel between states may both be subject to separate quarantine requirements as these are state-based requirements.

    You can find details here regarding Quarantine requirements including the state based requirements. Please also see details of some further travel restrictions on entering South Australia.

    If you are a student affected by quarantine requirements and need assistance, please call the University’s dedicated helpline on +61 8 8313 2882 or email us so we can assist you. We will work with you to help you engage with your studies from a distance.

    If you are a staff member affected by quarantine requirements, please consult the COVID-19 Leave Entitlements webpage for further advice.

  • Are there quarantine requirements for students or staff returning from interstate?

  • What is the University's position on travel?

    All overseas travel, except to New Zealand, is currently banned by the Australian Government for Australians, with few exemptions. From time to time, various restrictions are placed on interstate travel by State Governments.

    At this time, interstate travel on University business is only permitted where staff or students have a pressing need to travel for research or teaching purposes that cannot be reasonably fulfilled via virtual communications or other means. It requires the approval of an Executive Dean or Division Head. Staff and supervisors are expected to have considered the risks prior to the staff member requesting travel using the request form in the University Travel Hub.

    International travel (including to New Zealand) on University business is not permitted for staff or students. The University’s High Risk Travel  process enables rare exceptions to be assessed, and if approved through that process the travel would also have to be approved through the Commonwealth Government exemption process .

    The current travel approval processes can be found on the Finance and Procurement website.

  • Can I travel to New Zealand on University business?

    At this time travel to New Zealand on University business remains under the same travel ban as all other overseas countries. The situation both interstate and in New Zealand is being regularly reviewed. Until there is some stabilisation of community spread within Australia the risk of staff or students being isolated or forced into quarantine overseas or interstate remains high. The situation will be reviewed again on 30th July.

  • What happens if I am being tested for COVID-19?

    You will need to follow the advice of the testing clinic and, where required, SA Health. If you are advised by the testing clinic or SA Health not to attend the University for a period of time, please contact your supervisor. If you are an undergraduate student, please contact your Faculty to inform them of your situation.

    Please refrain from attempting to do your own contact tracing or provision of information to others at work beyond your supervisor; this is best left to SA Health in the unlikely event that a test comes back positive.

  • How do I arrange to get a COVID-19 vaccination?

    The COVID-19 vaccination program controlled by the Australian Government is being rolled out in a phased approach.

    Information on eligibility and current vaccination clinics around the state is available on the SA Government COVID-19 Vaccine webpage.

    Adelaide Unicare are an approved COVID-19 vaccination provider delivering the Astra Zeneca vaccine to eligible patients – this vaccination service is being offered every second Saturday at the University Health Practice on the North Terrace Campus – bookings essential.

  • Is the University going to run its own COVID-19 vaccination program?

    The University is unable to run a COVID-19 vaccination program as access to the vaccine is limited to government authorised vaccination clinics.

    However, the University Health Practice are a government authorised COVID-19 vaccination provider delivering the Astra Zeneca vaccine to eligible patients. The University Health Practice vaccination service on the North Terrace Campus is being offered every second Saturday – bookings essential. You can check if you are currently eligible on the SA Government COVID-19 Vaccine webpage.

    Information on authorised vaccination sites and eligibility can be found on the SA Health Website.

  • What are the social distancing and room capacity requirements on campus?

    SA Health has confirmed that the University can return to pre-COVID capacities for University activities (noting that public events remain an exception), and that social distancing should be a ‘best endeavours’ approach.

    Where practical to do so you should try to achieve 1.5m distancing, however where this is not practical you are asked to use your best endeavours to distance as much as is practical.

    You may also contact your local HSW Team should you have any concerns or questions about COVID-safe practices in your area.

  • What are the requirements if I am running an event?

    If you are running an event that involves attendance by members of the general public you should contact the SA COVID-19 Information Line on 1800 253 787 to check if you need a COVID-Safe Plan and whether there are any other restrictions that apply to the event.

    Note that an event only attended by enrolled student or current staff (including title holders and registered volunteers) then it would fall under the University’s general exemption from the Public Activities Direction and therefore you do not need to have a COVID-Safe Plan.  If you need advice on minimising the risks associated with such an event please contact your local HSW Team.

  • Do I need to submit a COVID-Safe Plan or have a COVID Marshall?

    The University of Adelaide as an essential business is exempt to having to submit COVID-Safe plans to SA Health for any activity that forms part of our core business.

    Any activity that is reasonably part of our teaching, research or administrative activity falls under this exemption. This includes activities that are designed to orientate our students, and meetings or gatherings related to our teaching or research activity.  Note that if you are running an event attended by the general public you will need to contact the SA COVID-19 Information Line on 1800 253 787 for advice.

    University of Adelaide is not required to have COVID Marshalls as these are only required where COVID-Safe plans are in place.

    We are all required to follow good hygiene practices, to practice social distancing and to not attend the campus if unwell with COVID-19 symptoms until cleared via a COVID-19 test.

    Activities on our campuses that are not part of our core business do need to submit COVID-Safe Plans to SA Health and will be required to have COVID Marshalls – this includes things like commercial retail outlets on campus, hire out of University infrastructure for private functions or activities, and conferences and gatherings associated with external bodies or learned societies.

  • Is the University of Adelaide required to have COVID-Safe QR codes for locations on campus?

    The University of Adelaide as an essential business is exempt to having to submit COVID-Safe plans to SA Health and therefore is not required to have COVID-Safe QR codes. Note that if you are running an event attended by the general public you will need to contact the SA COVID-19 Information Line on 1800 253 787 for advice.

    Only activities that are not part of our core business need to submit COVID-Safe Plans to SA Health and are issued with a COVID-SAfe QR code in relation to that activity.

    This is why you will see COVID-Safe QR codes at locations such as the UniBar.

  • I am experiencing stress or anxiety regarding the situation or my health and I would like to talk to someone.

    If you do not have any symptoms yourself or are awaiting test results and wish to speak to someone about your concerns please contact:

    If you are concerned you may have COVID-19, please attend a testing clinic and do not attend at the University until you have received a result stating that you do not have COVID-19.

  • Where can I get accurate information about the world situation and the virus?

    The World Health Organisation is monitoring and managing this virus outbreak in conjunction with health authorities across the globe. You can access accurate information from the Department of Health  or the World Health Organisation .

  • What should I do if I have a question about travel insurance?

    If you have any travel insurance questions please go to our Travel Insurance FAQs.