International Students

A number of our students travel from around the world to study with us. We are committed to supporting them to successfully engage with their studies, in the face of the challenges posed by COVID-19.

The Australian government has approved the South Australian government’s plan to return international students to Adelaide. This is an important step towards welcoming back international students to our city. Questions and answers related to the safe return of international students to Adelaide are provided on the Study Adelaide website.

SBS have created a resource called Coronavirus in your language. News and information about COVID-19 has been translated into 63 languages. 

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How students can get in touch

You can reach Ask Adelaide on +61 8 8313 5208 or online.

For questions about student travel (eg exchanges, study tours), contact our Study Overseas helpline on +61 8 8313 6363 (9 am to 9 pm).

Students affected by travel restrictions should call the University's dedicated helpline on +61 8 8313 2882.

Australian superannuation

Changes to temporary visa holder arrangements

  • Is there flexibility for visa holders who have been prevented from meeting their visa conditions due to coronavirus?

    Student visa holders are normally required to enrol in a full-time load (24 units) in an academic year, with not more than 1/3 of courses studied via external mode (online) and have an enrolment in at least one course during each compulsory study period. In 2020, due to the disruptive and unforeseen impacts of COVID-19, student visa holders were provided flexibility with these requirements. If you reduced your study load in 2020 and are now unable to complete your course by your original Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) end date, we will provide you with an extended CoE so you can renew your student visa, (assuming you were meeting your visa conditions up until this point in time). In usual circumstances, an extension CoE can only be issued if you meet the eligibility criteria to extend your study duration.

    Arrangements for 2021

    All international student visa holders: In 2021, the normal conditions for student visa holders will apply, meaning you will again need to enrol in a full-time load in each compulsory study period.

    Exceptions to the requirement to enrol in a full-time study load are:

    • An approved Reduced Study Load due to compassionate and compelling circumstances
    • An approved Leave of Absence
    • Intervention strategy implemented by your Faculty or School as a result of Unsatisfactory Academic Progress
    • If you are still on track to complete your course by your CoE end date
    • If you are in your final semester and need fewer than 12 units to complete your course.

    Onshore students: If you are an onshore student you will be required to enrol in at least one “blended” or “dual” mode course in each compulsory study period, attending all face to face components of your course, and ensure your external mode (online) enrolments will not exceed 1/3 of the total enrolments for your program.

    Exceptions to the requirement to attend campus are automatically granted to students stranded offshore. If you are onshore and cannot attend face to face classes due to exceptional circumstances such as ongoing illness you will be required to contact International Student Support to seek an exemption.

  • Do the changes to temporary visa holder arrangements include how many hours I can work a fortnight?

    Students working part time in certain sectors, including aged care, health care, and agriculture, may be eligible to work for more than 40 hours a fortnight. For detailed information, see the Department of Home Affairs.

  • Where can I get more information and help?

    An Australian government hotline has been established to assist international students with questions or concerns relating to their study and novel coronavirus:


    Phone: 1300 981 621 (8am to 8pm AEDST Monday to Friday)

    There is more information on the Australian Government's Study in Australia website, or the Home Affairs website.

Visa information for international students

Rental properties

  • What are the Government measures for residential tenancies and how do they apply to me?

    Government measures for residential tenancies include a short term, temporary moratorium on evictions; temporary amendments to leases; the reduction or waiver of rental payment for impacted tenants and the ability for tenants to terminate leases and/or seek mediation or conciliation on the grounds of financial distress. Landlords and tenants not significantly affected by coronavirus are expected to honour their lease and rental agreements.

    Students are encouraged to contact the University’s Accommodation Service to seek assistance with any accommodation related issues: Phone: +61 8 8313 5220, Email:, WeChat: uoaaccommodation

For students affected by travel restrictions

  • Will my qualification be recognised by the Chinese Government if I study online?

    The Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange (CSCSE) has indicated that they will recognise qualifications where students are required to complete part of their study online due to disruptions caused by COVID-19. 

    Students should keep records of communications from the University about modified arrangements so CSCSE can verify that disruptions are related to COVID-19.
    Further information from CSCSE.

  • I am concerned about the quality of education I will receive if I study remotely. What should I do?

    We understand you have chosen to study at our University in person for a reason, and the University of Adelaide is committed to delivering the high quality education our students expect.

    We are offering learning resources that you can access at your current location so you can begin preparation work for your study. These will then be complemented by intensive face-to-face offerings when you are able to attend campus in person. This will ensure your learning is not disadvantaged, and is not the same as undertaking study fully online.

    Your transcript and degree parchment will also reflect that your course is ‘in person’ and will not have any reference to the portion that was accessed remotely.

    Please call us on the helpline on +61 8 8313 2882 (or +861087833298 if in China for the cost of a local Beijing call) if you’d like to discuss what options are available to you.

  • What if I can't catch up when I attend campus in person?

    We are dedicated to ensuring that you have the best possible chance of succeeding academically. We will be offering a number of intensive face-to-face sessions, including tutorials. As with any student, your lecturers will be available to give you assistance if you need it. 

  • I am worried about arriving late and not knowing anyone. What can I do?

    We know starting study in a new place can be daunting. We are planning welcome events, hosted activities, and programs to connect you with your classmates to help you settle in when you get here. If you begin preparation work for your study from your current location, you will also likely be able to get to know your classmates through interactive study platforms before you arrive. We are dedicated to ensuring you have support and the best possible chance to succeed.

  • The travel restrictions mean I won't be able to attend my graduation ceremony. What should I do?

    Graduates are eligible to attend a ceremony that is held within 12 months of their conferral date. If you have been conferred or have a current application for conferral, the ceremony options available to you will be listed in your Access Adelaide conferral application.

    If you will be unable to attend any of the graduation ceremonies available to you due to COVID-19 related travel restrictions, please refer to the COVID-19 Special Circumstances outlined on the Graduations Business Rules website for your options.

  • I have a University of Adelaide International scholarship. What should I do?

    If you intend to commence or continue your studies as planned, your scholarship will not be affected.

    If you have an international scholarship and decide to defer your study, you will still be awarded your scholarship when you commence study.

  • Are students in China able to access the University's learning technologies?

    Remote students in China are able to access the following services:

    • MyUni (Canvas)
    • Echo360 Active Learning Platform
    • Turnitin
    • H5P assessments
    • Mobius (previously MapleTA)
    • SELT survey tool (Explorance Blue)
    • Zoom web conferencing
    • Course readings

    The following services are NOT available within China:

    • Google products (e.g. Google Docs, Sheets, etc)
    • YouTube Availability of other learning tools and websites from within China can be checked online

    For any further advice on learning tools, please contact MyUni Support.

  • How can I access University resources from China?

    The University has secured the use of a dedicated Virtual Private Network (VPN), which has been approved by Chinese authorities. Using this VPN will greatly assist you to overcome many of the IT performance issues normally experienced when accessing remote learning from China.

    It is important to note that because this VPN is authorised, it will be monitored. Sites accessed via this internet connection and user activity may be recorded. For that reason, we ask you to exercise care and not to use it for any other commercial, financial or personal use.

    The links below contains guides and videos that will help you install and use the VPN on your laptop or computer.

    The guides should be viewed and completed in order:
    1.     Introduction
    2.     How to download and install the VPN (guide and video)
    3.     How to configure the VPN (guide and video)
    4.     How to log into the VPN (guide and video).

    We do not anticipate any performance issues with using this service.

    By accessing this service, you are acknowledging that you understand and accept the above conditions of use.

    If you are experiencing problems using these guides, please email us or contact +61 8 8313 2882, or +861087833298 if in China for the cost of a local Beijing call.

  • How can I access electronic books remotely?

    The Library’s ebooks are available via Library Search and most are accessible from anywhere remotely. Locate your ebook in Library Search and then login using your University username and password.

    If you are unable to access a book, please contact Ask Library via online chat, email, or phone +61 (0)8 8313 5759.

  • What should I do about my overdue library books?

    We have extended the due date on all books currently on loan until you are able to return the items – to view your current loans login to MyLibrary. If you have any questions relating to the books you have on loan please contact Ask Library via online chat, email, or phone +61 (0)8 8313 5759.

  • Am I eligible for the 20% fee rebate?

    All continuing and commencing international students who are studying offshore and unable to travel to Australia due to border restrictions may be eligible for the rebate of up to 20%.

    The rebate will be capped at 20% total, taking into account any other scholarships or discounts a student may already receive.

    The rebate will be automatically applied at the time of acceptance.

    The rebate will only apply until travel restrictions are lifted, but will be honoured for the full semester of study. Students cannot choose to remain offshore and receive the rebate for future intakes.

    For more information, see the COVID-19 Offshore Study Fee Rebate site.

  • How do I know what will be face-to-face and what will be online?

    Once you have determined which courses you will enrol in, you will need to review the course delivery mode on the Course Availability and Mode List. Students need to ensure they are aware of the course delivery mode and to determine if there are any changes required to their enrolment. If your course is not listed, please contact your Faculty.

    The teaching delivery modes available include:

    • Blended – a mix of face-to-face and online study
    • Remote – online study only
    • Dual – both Blended and Remote options available

    Notes: Some blended courses can accommodate a deferred face-to-face component making them available to offshore and interstate students. Students will receive a Result Pending (RP) and complete these face-to-face components at a later date.

    Onshore international students are required to enrol in blended courses to ensure compliance with their visa requirements.

    Lectures will be offered online, with face-to-face exceptions in very few cases. The University’s Critical dates which detail the last day to add/drop courses and census dates remain unchanged.

  • I'm in Adelaide but I'd like to keep studying online. Can I?

    You may be able to do so if the course(s) you want to take are offered in Remote or Dual mode (i.e. with Blended and Remote options available). Places in Remote courses or the Remote versions of Dual courses are not guaranteed unless travel restrictions or extenuating circumstances prevent you from attending campus.

    The majority of courses only have limited remote teaching places, and students who are not able to come to campus will need to be given priority. If remote courses or remote versions of Dual mode courses become full, you may be moved or asked to move to Blended mode to allow other students to enrol.

    Please speak to your Faculty if you would like more information.

    If you are an international student in Adelaide, you will be required to enrol in blended courses to ensure compliance with your visa requirements. If you have health issues or other exceptional circumstances which prevent you attending campus please speak to International Student Support.

  • I'm in Adelaide but I can't attend campus. Can I enrol in remote courses?

    We are encouraging all students who are in Adelaide to attend campus; however, we understand there are circumstances where that may not be possible. If you have extenuating circumstances please contact your Faculty to explore whether alternative arrangements are required.

    Note: The University’s Critical dates which detail the last day to add/drop courses and census dates remain unchanged. If you are an international student in Adelaide, you will be required to attend campus to ensure compliance with your visa requirements.

    Check course availability and delivery mode.

    Class delivery mode

    If any of the Courses you enrol in are delivered in Blended mode, then you will also need to check which components of your course are delivered online and which are delivered face-to-face. In most cases, lectures will be online and most or all other components will be face-to-face, with very few exceptions. This detail is available in Course Planner, under Class Details, either in the Location or as a Note.

    Remember: Remote options have been made available for students who are offshore or interstate and, who cannot currently return to Adelaide. All students based in South Australia are encouraged to attend face-to-face teaching available in courses delivered by Blended or Dual mode. If you are an international student in Adelaide, you will be required to attend campus to ensure compliance with your visa requirements.