Students' Return to Campus

We will be returning to campus in a phased approach to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of our students and staff. We have developed a three phase plan to safely support our community in returning to campus to engage in teaching and learning.

We have also developed a timeline to help you navigate the changes, know what to expect, and help set you up for a successful second half of the year. We'll be following SA Health and government advice on public health guidelines, and working to accommodate our students who are interstate, overseas or otherwise unable to study on campus.

Key information

  • The Semester 2 timetable was released on 13 July. All courses and course components (lectures, tutorials and practicals) have been updated to reflect their new delivery mode.
  • We will combine face-to-face with online learning in as many courses as possible, taking into consideration public health guidelines.
  • Lectures will continue to be delivered online for the remainder of the year, with some exceptions that will be communicated as soon as possible.
  • For students studying offshore and others who can't return to campus this year, we will continue to offer high-quality, remote learning.

Read return to campus FAQs

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NOW to 12 JULY

We're making changes to the timetable

It needs a few changes to accommodate online delivery and physical distancing for on campus delivery.

Please ignore any changes you see while we are working on it in this period. 

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Semester 2 timetable release

All courses and course components (lectures, tutorials, practicals) will be updated to reflect their new delivery mode.

The delivery modes are: 

  • Blended mode: course is delivered partially face-to-face and partially online
  • Remote mode: course is delivered fully online
  • Dual mode: course is delivered in both blended and remote modes concurrently

Term 3 and Quadmester 3 commence - you will receive communications from your Faculty about the teaching mode of your course.

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13 JULY to 19 AUGUST

Enrol or review your enrolment

Review course details in Course Outlines, plan your timetable in Course Planner or Access Adelaide and then enrol.

Carefully check the delivery mode for each course component.

If you were already enrolled, you will need to log into Access Adelaide and review any changes that were made, to check that they suit you - you might need to make some adjustments. 

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13 JULY to 19 AUGUST

Seek advice

Need help with your enrolment and timetable planning? A study plan? Advice on completing your final semester?

Contact your faculty for any program or course related enquiries - expert student advisors are ready to assist.

General enquiries can be directed to Ask Adelaide via phone, chat, or email. 


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Semester 2 commences

We can't wait to welcome you back to campus, however, if you can't join us just yet, we'll see you online! On campus, we'll still be practising physical distancing.

Help keep everyone safe by practising good personal hygiene; wash your hands and use hand sanitiser regularly. Don't come to campus if you are feeling unwell. 

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Term and Quadmester 3 census date

This is the last day to add courses online, and the last day you can withdraw from courses without incurring tuition fees.


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Semester 2 census date

Wednesday 19 August is the last day you can withdraw from courses without incurring tuition fees.

Monday 10 August is the last day you can add or drop courses online.

If you think you need to make changes to your timetable, try to do this by 10 August, or by 19 August at the latest.


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Trimester 3 commences 

Trimester 3 will follow the same delivery modes as Semester 2. You’ll be contacted to advise when the timetable is ready for you to enrol, or check your enrolment.


Our three phase learning and teaching plan will support students returning to campus in the coming weeks and months. As with all of our responses to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, we remain flexible in our approach, and committed to supporting our students.

  • More about getting ready

    Up to 12 July 2020

    • Small number of courses delivered face-to-face for Semester 1, Term 2, Quadmester 2, Trimester 2, Winter 1, Winter 2
    • Students to continue studying from home where possible
    • Lectures delivered online
    • Semester 1 exams will be online
    • Re-timetabling begins: changes are visible to students but nothing can or needs to be actioned
  • More about coming back to campus

    13 July to 10 August 2020

    • 13 July - Term 3 and Quadmester 3 start
    • 20 July - Mid-year O'Week starts in a new format
    • 27 July - Semester 2 starts
    • Lectures will be delivered online
    • New timetable will be available
    • For students in Adelaide, we will offer a blended delivery mode that combines face-to-face with online learning in as many courses as possible
    • For students studying offshore in Semester 2, we will continue to offer high-quality, online learning
  • More about staying safe and well

    11 August to December 2020

    • 7 September - Trimester 3 commences

    When you return to campus, you will see:

    • signage about room capacity, spacing, use of shared spaces, and personal hygiene
    • wide availability of hand sanitiser or handwashing facilities
    • increased cleaning of shared and high-use areas, such as computer spaces

    One of the most important ways to protect our community is to stay home if you are unwell.

    We are committed to supporting students who are not able to be on campus, or who are staying away from campus due to illness.

Important information

  • What to expect

    We are pleased to welcome you back to campus, and want to remind you that the campus experience for students and staff will be different to the way it was before COVID-19. The logistics of bringing students and staff back on campus, while adopting public health guidelines, is much more challenging than moving into remote mode. We are confident that we can navigate these challenges by working together.

    Students will need to adjust to:

    • adhering to public health guidelines, including social distancing where possible
    • limited common shared spaces due to social distancing requirements
    • different modes of teaching (blended, remote or dual)
    • other usual practices having changed as a result of implementing safety measures, including sporting and club activities, and events
  • Public health

    We will be relying on the common sense of students and staff as responsible adults to ensure their safety and others.

    All students and staff should:

    • not attend campus if you are unwell
    • follow the Public Health Guidelines and use best endeavours to continue social distancing
    • be sensible and respectful in interactions with staff and students, as people have varying degrees of readiness to be back on campus
    • take responsibility for your own wellbeing – access the resources provided here

    The University is also introducing a number of measures to ensure public health guidelines can be met on campus. These include:

    • scheduling on-campus teaching to allow for social distancing (e.g. rescheduling classes into rooms that are large enough to provide appropriate space, offering repeat sessions where classes can’t be accommodated)
    • making hand sanitiser or handwashing facilities widely available
    • undertaking increased cleaning of shared and high-use areas, such as computer spaces
    • providing wipe-down facilities for use by students in shared facilities (e.g. computer laboratories)
    • posting signage about room capacity, spacing, use of shared spaces, personal hygiene and so on
    • supporting students and staff who are not able to be on campus, or who are staying away from campus due to illness

    The University encourages the use of the COVIDSafe app by all staff and students, remaining respectful of their right to choose.

  • Roles and responsibilities

    Students are responsible for:

    • staying home if unwell
    • adhering to reasonable instructions from teaching staff regarding new processes and requirements
    • self management for social distancing and good hygiene
    • checking your timetable after 13 July to make sure you are enrolled in the appropriate class for your situation

    Teaching staff are responsible for:

    • staying home if unwell
    • adhering to new processes and requirements and following reasonable management instruction
    • duty of care for themselves and others (colleagues and students)
    • self management for social distancing and good hygiene
    • advising students of new practices where they may have changed within a teaching setting
  • Modes of delivery explained

    We are aiming to bring back as much face-to-face teaching as possible. Due to the ongoing social distancing requirements and considering our students who are not able to join us on campus yet, we have made some changes to our modes of delivery.

    There are three modes of delivery:

    Blended mode
    The course will have a combination of face-to-face teaching and online teaching. So, for example, lectures will be online but you will need to attend tutes or practicals in person. In some instances these courses will be able to accommodate delaying the face-to-face component, making them available to students who need to complete these components at a later date.

    Remote mode
    The course will be fully online – no face-to-face components are included.

    Dual mode
    A blended and remote mode version of the same course will be delivered concurrently.