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P.M.B. No.1
SA 5064

Telephone: 8303 7216
Facsimile: 8303 6735

Crop Science Society of SA Incorporated

The Crop Science Society of South Australia Incorporated is an active organisation of farmers, farming consultants and agricultural research scientists, since 1975. It was felt that a society was needed to provide a forum for the exchange of information between people in academic and applied fields; between research, teaching, extension workers, farmers and marketing representatives - in fact all who have an interest in crops and crop production.

The Crop Science Society provides a forum for the interchange of ideas from a membership extended beyond that spanned by any existing organisation. Currently, the society has approximately 450 members from rural and metropolitan SA, as well as a small interstate membership. Meetings are held on the third or fourth Wednesday of the month at the University of Adelaide's Roseworthy campus.

Next Meeting:  Wednesday 18th September, 7.30pm at Richardson Theatre at Roseworthy.

Speakers: Chris Preston "Herbicide Resistant Weeds" results from the most recent survey indicate that resistance to Roundup and the group B 'IMI' family will precipitate substantial changes in management practices, so strategic applications to gain time and alternative options will need to be explored and adopted.

Student Reports on excursions to China and Chile: Renee Farrow and Steff Lunn and others will highlight the similarities and contrasts of the Chinese and Chilean agriculture with our practices. These trips were undertaken by students who will graduate at the end of this year and many of whom will be agronomists. They are supporting the Crop Science Society so you are encouraged to support them.

Next meeting: TBA, probably 3th Wednesday.

Newsletter: The Newsletter is normally issued a week before a general meeting. It is delivered either by Post or Email from lists maintained by the Treasurer.

Most of the Society's activities are on a voluntary basis, but there is need for funding from the annual subscriptions. It is easy to forward the newsletter via email, but please request any recipient to become a member of our Society

News Section has been updated, so keep a watch on it!


Planning for 2012/13

Planning for this year and the immediate season is assisted by brief articles in the 'news' box. If you have interesting material - please forward to to help others.

open day


Are normally on the 3rd or 4th Wed of the month between February and October at Roseworthy at 7.30pm. Nearly all presentations are visual so you can view talks at your convenience. Information on speakers for the next meeting will be made available a week prior to the event.

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The society is funded through 'membership' subscriptions which can be paid to the Treasurer via the downloadable form in the box. We are keen that you support us in this way. The University of Adelaide provides infrastructure support (meeting rooms and web) otherwise we are financially independent.



These articles are generally written by the expert in the subject with virtually no editorial interference - so directly to you. These articles are the best available advice, and suggestions  when firm evidence is lacking. The collection of previous articles will soon be searchable via google.