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Annual Report 2011/12

Crop Science AGM 2012


Meeting held at Richardson Theatre Roseworthy, University of Adelaide on 25/7/2012.

Meeting opened: 7:50pm.


Apologies  T Craddock, C Martin, C Preston,  P Smith, J Rathjen, A Millar, T Blake, B Fleet, P Cousins, N Wittwer


Minutes of previous AGM accepted.

Moved: R Wheeler                  Seconded: J Wilson                Accepted


Business Arising



Presidents Report (J Both) Summary points

  • Eight meetings were held during the year and involved other organisations in joint ventures such as the Paskeville Agricultural Bureau and Department of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries.
  • The content of meetings continues to be a debating point within the committee and members as we seek to retain our relevance. The topics we discuss should reflect our organisation’s title while understanding that other groups such as GRDC will also being trying to update the agricultural community on similar topics.
  • Meeting attendance numbers have remained steady over the last year which means they are well behind past years.
  • The membership numbers of the Society is holding up well and, given that many members are too distant to conveniently attend meetings, it shows the value people see in receiving the newsletter.  Tony, Judy and Alison should be congratulated for their efforts here.  I think a challenge for the future will be to keep this newsletter at a high quality while looking at bringing it to the electronic age. Also our excellent website could be a bigger part of the Society’s function of communicating with members.
  • The Society continued to support the Adelaide University School of Agriculture, Food and Wine post-graduate symposium with a prize for the best presenter.
  • A Duncan Correll Travel Scholarship was awarded recently to Tom Robinson who recently returned from the US and I am pleased to say will address our group tonight. We continue to encourage applications for this award.
  • The sub-committee formed in the previous financial year (Peter Grocke, Chris Preston and myself and, more recently, Peter Cousins) to respond to the APVMA proposal to introduce spray buffer zones could be deemed a success. The APVMA are apparently taking a different approach now in not adding buffer zones to future chemical labels but encouraging good spraying practice. As I stated in my last report, this is not a core activity for the Society. We are not a lobby or pressure group. However we can reserve the right to point out where the science contradicts bad policy.
  • Although I am stepping back from a leadership role in the Society I look forward to helping Anthony and the new committee where I can.


Movement of the Presidents report.

Moved:            P Groeke                    Seconded:       A  Pfitzner                   Accepted


Treasurers Report (S Kimber)


A detailed report including Profit and loss, Income and Expenditure and Trial Balance summaries was tabled by Sandy, a summary of key points is provided below.


Account Balances 2011 / 2012

Opening 1st July 2011 – Closing 30th June 2012






ANZ Cash Management A/c




ANZ Term Deposit




GST Control










Income and Expenditure (GST Inclusive)

1st July 2011 – 30th June 2012






Interest Received


Total Income






Meeting costs-supper


Newsletter printing


Postage (newsletter and general)




Bank fees


Travel Scholarships

Graduate Awards





Sundry Expenses


Treasurers Hours


Total Expense







·         In 2010/11 a loss of $1,788.09 occurred compared with a profit of $6,598.25 in 201/12.

·         INCOME: Subscription income increased this year due to the timing of payments received and some members ‘back paying’ for previous year’s unpaid subscriptions. However when income is isolated for the particular year it was invoiced for (as opposed to the year it was paid in) it has been reasonably stable:

08/09 $11,319

10/11 $11,847

11/12 $10,758

·         EXPENSES:

·         Printing costs and treasurer’s hours were down on previous years.

·         The Duncan Correll Travel Scholarship awarded to Tom Robinson in April 2012 was paid after the end of the financial year.

·         Sundry expenses were up due to a one off reimbursement payment for the societies travel costs incurred in relation to APVMA proposed spray drift legislation changes.

·         Stationery shows as a negative expense due to a cheque from last year being written off as not presented.


·         MEMBERSHIP: We have 383 names on our subscription list.  This is down from 434 last year.  Of our 383 members; 44 did not pay in 2011/12, 11 are honorary members, 5 are life members.


General discussion was held on the society’s income and expenses including why the society holds a significant amount of money in its savings account. The society’s financial position is stable with the annual interest derived from the term deposit used each year for funding  Duncan Correll Travel Scholarships and general society functioning.


Movement of the Treasurers report.

Moved:            C Butler                       Seconded:       R Wheeler                   Accepted



General Business:

J Both updated the society members on the following issues:


Letter to the premier on urban/viticulture land planning consultation process

Following the motion passed at the July general meeting John Both sent a letter to the premier outlining the societies concerns. To date no response has been received. A follow up letter will be sent in August if no response has been received.



The society is in a financial stable position and a forecast reduction in expenses in 2012/13 due to the advent of an electronic newsletter led the committee to recommend that subscriptions would remain the same ($33.00) for 2012/13.


Electronic newsletter

An electronic newsletter will be available for those members who prefer to receive it in this form starting with the August 2012 edition.  So far approximately 130 members have indicated they would prefer to receive it this way.


Election of Officers:

John Both stood down as President after completing his two year term but will stand on the committee as Immediate Past President. The meeting ruled in favour of John running the election of officers process and the remainder of the AGM. Resignations were also received from S Kimber (Treasurer), A Millar (Co-editor) and R Weaver, S Davies, C Martin (all general committee).


President:                    Anthony Pfitzner (L McMurray/R Wheeler, all in favour)

Vice President:            No nomination

Secretary:                   Larn McMurray  (J Both/A Pfitzner, all in favour)

Treasurer:                   Susan Fuss (S Kimber/T Rathjen, all in favour)

Newsletter Editor:       Tony Rathjen (A Mayfield/A Pfitzner, all in favour)

Co-editor & Website officer: Judy Rathjen (C Butler/A Pfitzner, all in favour)

Committee:                 Paul Lush (re-standing)

                                    Chris Preston (re-standing)

                                    Peter Smith (re-standing)

                                    Tony Craddock (re-standing)

                                    Jamie Wilson (re-standing)

                                                  (J Both/C Butler moved above members to re-stand, all in favour)

Newly elected             Tom Robinson (A Pfitzner/A Robinson, all in favour)

                                    Ben Fleet (C Butler/J Both, all in favour)

                                    N Wittwer (J Both/A Pfitzner, all in favour)


National Pesticide Review CSS SA sub committee

Peter Cousins to join existing members J Both, P Grocke & C Preston (J Both/P Grocke, all in favour)


Motion:  That Susan Fuss (Treasurer), Paul Lush and Anthony Pfitzner (President) be the  signatories on all the CSS of SA accounts, that Sandy Kimber and John Both be removed as signatories and that two signatories are required for authorisation.

Moved:            L McMurray                Seconded:       S Kimber                     Accepted


Motion: The CSS SA thanked John Both for his two year term as President of the society.

Moved:            L McMurray                Seconded:       P. Grocke                   Accepted


Motion: The CSS SA thanked Sandy Kimber for her two year term as Treasurer of the society.

Moved:            T Rathjen                    Seconded:       J Both              Accepted


Motion: The CSS SA thanked R Weaver, A Millar, S Davies and C Martin for their two year term/s on the general committee of the society.

Moved:            T Rathjen                    Seconded:       J Both              Accepted



AGM meeting closed at 8:20pm and the night progressed to the normal meeting agenda.


Previous Annual Reports



Crop Science Society Committee – 2012/13, please see 'Contacts'

                                                                  -  2011/12, see below

Position Name Email Phone
President John Both 0418 803 055
Vice President / Publicity Officer Anthony Pfitzner 0429 811 984
Immediate Past President Rob Wheeler 8303 9480 /
0401 148 935
Secretary Larn McMurray 8842 6265 /
0417 898 803
Treasurer Sandy Kimber 8842 1718 /
0427 423 154
Editor Tony Rathjen

Crop Science Email Address:
8303 7216 /
8303 6735 (fax) /
0408 816 533
Co-Editors/IT & Web site coordinator

Judy Rathjen

Alison Millar

0421 183 978

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Committee Members Paul Lush 0417 865 257 / 8527 2452
  Chris Preston 8303 7237 /
0488 404 120
  Tony Craddock 8564 3300 /
0417 809 317
  Rob Weaver 0417 823 776
  Peter Smith 0411 127 478
  Sam Davies 0400 080 844
  Jamie Wilson 0400 545 152
  Cindy Martin 0429 014 405