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SA 5064

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Current CSS Newsletters

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2011 Newsletters

Date Key Articles Download

February 2011

no. 268

  1. APVMA Visit to SA by Subba Putcha
  2. Measuring soil carbon in calcareous soils
  3. New herbicide management solutions
  4. Summer spraying window
  5. Snails and summer weeds on the NYP
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March 2011

no. 269

  1. Barley grass, an emerging weed threat
  2. Growing chickpeas on Eastern Eyre Peninsula
  3. The optimal time of sowing for new durum varieties?
  4. Ascochyta blight in lentils 2010
  5. Locusts - notes from Ken Henry
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April 2011

no. 270

1. Mallala, Lentil sowing date x Stubble Management. Lines and McMurray.

2. Maximising Nitrogen and Yield benefits in Pulse crops in SA. Drew et al.

3. Audio Visual Connections for Crop Science. Martin.

4. Nitrogen Management in new durum varieties. Porker and Wheeler.

5. Introduction to the Waite Research Institute

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June 2011

no. 271

1.  Utalizing Chicken litter as a soil Improvement Agent. Craddock et al.

2. Using soil capacitance moisture probes to monitor soil moisture and water use efficiency. Lawson.

3. Interpretation of soil P tests. Mason.

4. SARDI, 'Pest Facts" - Bronzed Field Beetle, Slaters, Earwigs and millipedes, Bryobia and Balaustium Mites, and unknown Canola pests.

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July 2011

no. 272

Speaker - Wallwork, stem rust

Articles - Rathjen, breeding for agricultural systems

               Rengasamy, organic matter in alkaline soils

               Pierce Ey al., P in chicken manure

               McBeath, agronomy matters

               Holloway, science friction

               Advisory Board of Agriculture, 2011 awards

               Durum crop walk

               Soil Science guest lecture, Edmeades
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August 2011

no. 273

Speakers - I'Anson, UK and Europe

                  Webcast, future of wheat from Perth

Articles - Both, President's report

               Robinson, guidance technology plus

               I'Anson, farming in UK and Germany

               Both, diuron

               Ramsay, herbicide tolerance in cereal varieties

               Paskerville crop walk with CSS

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September 2011

no.  274

Speakers - Australian centre for plant function genomics

                  Rainbow, mouse update

                  Sander man, soil carbon

Authors - Webcast, GRDC from Wheat breeders assembly

                Kleeman, brome grass

                Evolution of Murray basin from McLaren and Hall

                Murdock, future of agriculture

                Preston, fenceline ryegrass

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October 2011

no. 275

Speakers - Australian centre for plant function genomics

                  Rainbow, mouse update

                  Sander man, soil carbon

Authors - Webcast, GRDC from Wheat breeders assembly

                Kleeman, brome grass

                Evolution of Murray basin from McLaren and Hall

                Murdock, future of agriculture

                Preston, fenceline ryegrass

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February 2012

no. 276


Dinner at Roseworthy, review of cropping and livestock research

Speakers - Edwards, reducing emissions from animals

                   Hayman, climate adaptations for SA

                   Rebbeck, climate adaptations for SA (cont)

Articles - Sand formations, (prepared by Rathjen for student tour)

               McMurray et al., crop topping of pulses

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March 2012

no. 277

Speakers - Addison, reducing emissions from livestock

                  Blake and Gutsche, student in India

                  Pfitzner, Q and A

Articles - Gammage, the Biggest Estate on Earth (review by Ed)

               Noack et al., stubble phosphorus

               McBeath, soil P in different cropping systems

               Boutsalis and Preston, glyphosate resistant ryegrass

               Wallwork, cereal disease outlook

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May 2012

no. 278

Speakers - Fleet, fleabane

                  Cousins, spray drift regulations

Articles - Rengasamy, Al toxicity in alkaline soils

               Craddock's and Wallis, Eco-shelter bedding for soil improvement

               Porker and Wheeler, agronomy of barley

               Lines et al., chickpea varieties and sowing time

               Book review, Tow et al., Rain Farming Systems

               India photographs

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June 2012

no. 279

Speaker - Ray, long range forecasting


Articles - Hall, strongly alkaline soils in SA

               Mudge, wheat production costs

               Adu-Yeboah et al., alternative herbicides for fenceline ryegrass

               Malone et al., glyphosate resistance in non-cropping areas

               Expeditions of Discovery in WA, Grey,1841

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July 2012

no. 280

Speakers - AGM


Articles - Zerner et al., tolerance to push herbicides

               Potter et al., brassica species trial in low rainfall

               Sadras and Lawson, yield gains from five decades of wheat breeding

               Yam daisy, compiled by Rathjen

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August 2012

no. 281


Speakers - Craddock, moisture probes

Ash, (CSU), snail contral by nematodes?

Ag Sc students, travelling abroad

Artivles - Nicholls, water in the landscape, local & Booborowie

Barr, Borlaug institute foe South Asia

In memoriam (Eglington), David Sparrow

CSS committee

Porker, Travels overseas inc Glyphosate resistance

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September 2012

no. 282

Speakers - Wallwork, cereal diseases

Davidson, pulse diseases

Porker, overseas experiences

Articles - Cooling, water in landscape,near Aldinga

Zerner & Wheeler, Cereal herbicide tolerance

Holloway, Mosaic fertilizers

Lush & Robinson, stripper straw on temperature & moisture

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Febuary 2013

no. 283

Speakers - Norton, fertilizers

Lines, interrow sowing

Wheeler, NVT results

Articles - Mayfield, importance of simplicity

Davidson et al., bacterial blight in peas

Wheeler, wheat variety update

Kleeman et al., disc seeders & herbicides

Hart and ASPAC travel

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March 2013

no. 284

Speakers - Davies and Braun, soil moisture


Articles - Millar and Keelchy, moisture monitoring

               Ridley's reaping machine from F Dutton

               Lush, stripper straw

               Rathjen, variation in leaf angle in durum

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April 2013

no. 285

Speakers- Davis, moisture and P

               Noack, Hart trial manager

               Bogacki, fungicides for rhizoctonia


Articles - Kleeman et al., disc seeders and herbicides

               Davis, trials in MNHR zone

               Lines and McMurray, lentils in stubbles


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June 2013

no. 286

Speakers - Wittwer, land care project

Bartholomeaus, Grain prices

Articles - Economic rationionalism & agric. research, Holloway

S & N on mallee barley,  Porker & Wheeler

Root growth in durum, Millar & Keerch

Cereal Herbicide tolerance, Zerner & Wheeler

Native tracks, Rathjen

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July 2013

no. 287

Speakers - Kimber, plant diseases issues

Davies, Rust contral in cereals

Articles - Discs vs tynes, Editorial

Trifluralin resistance, Boutsalis et al.

Herbicide tolerance in cereal varieties, Zerner & Wheeler

Ten years after wind erosion, Rathjen

Treasures report

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August 2013

no. 288

Speaker - Herman Leithold, Con Agra, Germany.

Articles - Pulse Tolerance to Herbicides, Zerner, Wheeler And McMurray

Scattered Trees - Bird

Alkaline soil workshop - Tavakkoli

Water repellant sands - Tate

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September 2013

no. 289

Speakers - Preston, Herbicide resistance; Geue & Lemon, Students in China: Farrow, Gutsche & Giles, International students in Chile.

Articles - In Memoriam, Doug Reuter.

Group A & B resistance - Boutsalis, Preston & Gill

Cloadium Tolerance in Canola - Zerner

Chilr report - Geue

China report -  Farroe et al.

Canada & USa - Trengove

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Febuary 2014

no. 290

Speakers - Porker on barley agronomy; Zerner & fleet, Clethodium Tolerance in canola; Telfer on heat stress.

Articles - Land speculators in SA 1834-45, Rathjen

Revisiting potassium, Norton

Disc seeders and herbicides, Kleeman et al.

Herbicide tolernce in pulse varieties, Zerner et al.

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March 2014

no. 291

Speakers - Wheeler on NVT.

MontalVo - Liquid V's granular phosphorus

Articles - Waite History Launch

Cropping, Fleet et al.

Nitrogen & water on canola,Riar, Gill & McDonald

New Herbicide for ryegrassin brome, Kleeman et al.

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