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About Us

The Davies Research Centre targets are to ensure the sustainability of red meat supply by optimising animal welfare, efficiency and product quality and delivering excellence in ruminant science.

The Centre supports multi-disciplinary research to improve knowledge of the interactions between genetics, physiology management practices and the natural environment. Understanding how these interactions affect phenotypic variation is fundamental to optimising animal wellbeing, productivity and product quality. The focus will be understanding the effects of nutrition on health, development and efficiency at all stages of life from prenatal development, through postnatal growth to the maturation of the adult.

All branches of science have seen rapid advances over the past decade. Bringing together different disciplines builds on these advances: combining traditional animal breeding with genomics resulted in a step-change to accelerate genetic progress. Further step-changes could be achieved in advancing basic knowledge and its application to ruminant production by integrating other distinct areas more effectively. The Centre will create opportunities for the interaction among distant scientific areas, including experts in animal breeding, genetics physiology, reproduction, genomics, bioinformatics, biochemistry, physics, engineering etc., to extend capability and build interdisciplinary teams to take holistic approaches to scientific questions and respond to industry challenges with novel solutions.

Davies Research Centre



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Professor John Williams