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The Davies Research Centre includes researchers from many Schools of the University, the South Australian Research Institute and collaborating national and international research institutes.

This brings together staff from disciplines as diverse as physics and human medicine to the study of large domestic species. This multidisciplinary approach opens new opportunities for scientific discovery and to realise practical applications from discoveries and advances.

Specific research themes are continuously evolving but are aimed at improvising each level of the red meat value chain and include:

  • Breeding and optimising the expression of genetic potential using new genome guided breeding methods
  • Reducing stress and improved welfare by developing approaches to routinely monitor well-being on farms to optimise husbandry and management
  • Diversifying production options to adapt to changing economic and climatic environments by developing new feed types and additives and through genetic selection
  • Increasing efficiency and product quality for more sustainable production, with a reduced environmental footprint
  • Improving fertility, reproductive success and survival by maintaining the reproductive cycle and ensuring progeny survive

The Davies Research Centre is working actively on the introduction of new technology to achieve these goals, including developing advanced breeding methods, novel senor applications and creating basic scientific knowledge.

Davies Research Centre



T: +61 8 8313 7972
Professor John Williams