Quantum Technologies

Quantum Technologies

The University of Adelaide and the Defence Science and Technology Group (DSTG) have developed not one but two separate portable quantum clock technologies.

Quantum technologies is a fast-moving field at the boundary of condensed matter physics, quantum physics, material sciences, chemical engineering and optoelectronics.

Quantum technologies make use of the extraordinary effects of quantum mechanics to give rise to exotic and often incredible properties.

While all materials exhibit quantum mechanical properties at some level, ‘quantum materials’ exhibit anomalously strong and unique properties such as quantum entanglement, quantum coherence, and topological behaviour. These strange properties can be exploited to deliver devices that have new capability in telecommunications, defence and medical sciences.

Quantum technologies will be at the core of Australia’s future industries, which will need a workforce with advanced knowledge and skill to help us understand the full range of benefits they offer, and place Australia at the forefront of quantum technological innovation.

Research projects

Creating quantum light sources and light source detectors

The University of Adelaide has a world-class quantum materials program which brings together physicists, engineers, material scientists, and key industry partners, including Silanna and DSTG, to identify where quantum materials and solid-state quantum devices can affect impactful change.

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Harnessing quantum materials for magnetic field sensing

Advanced research into quantum materials has allowed us to harness quantum effects on well-known materials and introduce properties which provide sensing abilities far beyond what has been possible previously.

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Portable quantum clock technology

Accurate and assured timing is critical to numerous defence and civilian operations including computing, communications and navigation.

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Advanced research in quantum sensors

We pursue quantum technology solutions because they allow us to create sensors which can sense electro-magnetic signals to a degree that classical technologies would never achieve.

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