Ultrashort and Short Pulsed Lasers

Ultrashort and Short Pulsed Lasers

Ultrashort and short pulsed lasers (USPL) provide game-changing benefits across multiple applications.

The high-energy light of ultrashort and short pulsed lasers makes them orders of magnitude more powerful than standard lasers. In medicine, this means they can improve the precision of surgical procedures with minimal scarring and they are also being explored for use in nuclear fusion.

In the defence sector, USPLs have applications in the next generation of laser sensors and effectors. USPLs can neutralise threats by ‘blinding’ a target or overloading their electronic systems, rendering them inoperable. Our Centre for Advanced Defence Research in Ultrashort and Short Pulsed Lasers (CADR-USPL) further develops these lasers and provides cutting-edge research into potential applications with a focus on creating a world-class sovereign defence capability.

To realise the potential of USPL technology, Australia needs a skilled workforce able to understand and apply USPL technology. One of CADR-USPL’s core objectives is to build this workforce through its extensive postgraduate research program. It owns and operates specialised laboratories where students get hands-on experience in meeting the challenges of USPL activity. Defence personnel also have the opportunity for on-site education and upskilling, ensuring the Centre is Defence-oriented and meeting Defence needs.

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Ultrashort and shortpulse lasers (USPL) are driving substantial innovations in a range of sectors including defence, medicine and remote sensing.

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