Dr Bernadette Richards

Dr Bernadette Richards
 Position Associate Professor
 Org Unit Adelaide Law School
 Email bernadette.richards@adelaide.edu.au
 Telephone +61 8 8313 6302
 Location Floor/Room 3 25 ,  Ligertwood Building ,   North Terrace
  • Biography/ Background

    For more information on Bernadette's research interests , activities and publications please go to her Research Profile.

  • Qualifications

    B.A., Dip Ed, LLB (Hons), Ph.D

  • Teaching Interests

    Health Law
    Tort Law

  • Research Interests

    Medical Law  (with a particular emphasis on consent), bioethics and Tort Law

  • Publications


    Chief Investigator, Australian Research Council Linkage Grant, "On the cutting edge: promoting best practice in surgical innovation" (INCISIVE: Interdisciplinary Collaboration Investigating surgical Innovation and Ethics), 2014 -

    Chief Investigator, Australian Research Discovery Grant, “Consent in the void: moral, legal and community values in decisions before birth and after death.” 2006-2009.

    Adviser, ARC Linkage Grant: Can and should we link data at a national level? Vaccine safetysurveillance: A case study Approved: Primary RFCD 3212 PUBLIC HEALTH AND HEALTH SERVICES


    "Medical Law and Ethics: A Problem-Based Approach" LexisNexis 2014 (with Jennie Louise)

    "Tort Law Principles" Lawbook Co 2013 (with Melissa De Zwart and Karinne Ludlow)

    "Issues at the Borders of Life"  ATF, 2010 (editor with Vic Pfitzner)

    "Tort Law in Principle," 5th ed, Lawbook Co 2009 (with Karinne Ludlow and Any Gibson)

    "Torts Law in Principle", 4th ed with Sam Blay and Andrew Gibson

     Book Chapters

    'Informed Choice not Informed Consent: Shifting Focus and Protecting Interests' in Ethics Law and Society Volume V (ed N.Priaulx and A.Wrigley, Ashgate, 2013).

    'The Patient Consent Conversation' in Legal and Forensic Medicine (ed. R.Beran, Springer, 2013).

    'What Lies Beneath: A brief introduction to the issues underlying the development of the law in the context of medical treatment' in Public Theology in Law and Life (ed B.Edgar, P.Babie and D.Wilson, ATF, 2012)

    'Life as Loss?' in Issues at the Borders of Life (ed Bernadette Richards and Vic Pfitzner, ATF, 2010)

    'General Principles of Consent to Medical Treatment' in Health Law in Australia (ed Ben White, Fiona McDonald and Lindy Willmott, Lawbook Co, 2010)

    'Organ and Tissue Donation' in Health Law in Australia (ed Ben White, Fiona McDonald and Lindy Willmott, Lawbook Co, 2010)

    The Law of Torts, in A guide to Arbitration Practice in Australia, 2006.


    'Medical Innovation Laws : an unnecessary innovation' Aust Health Review (2015) http://dx.doi.org/10.1071/AH15081 

    'The Medical Innovation Bill: Still more harm than good', (2015) Clinical Ethics (with G.Porter, W.Lipworth and T.Lysaght).

    'Who Controls the Use of Organs After Death? Law in the books, law in practice and the view of the people' (2012) 20 Journal of Law and Medicine 295 (with Prof Ngaire Naffine, S. De Lacey, A Braunack-Mayer and Wendy Rogers)

    'Regulating Consent to Organ and Embryo Donation: The Legal Dimension of the Problem' (2012) 9 Journal of Bioethical Inquiry 49 (with Prof Ngaire Naffine)

    'Directed Embryo Donation: Free Choice or Discrimination?' (2010) 18 Journal of Law and Medicine 169 (with Sheryl De Lacey and Wendy Rogers)

    'Is Directed Donation Discriminatory?' (2009) 30 Australasian Science 37

    'Scaring us all to death: The need for responsible legal scholarship on post-mortem organ donation' (2009) 16 Journal of Law and Medicine 696 (with Ngaire Naffine and Wendy Rogers)

    Book review, 'Will I still be me? A journey through a transplant' (2008) 11 Health Expectations  317.

    'Organ Donation After Cardiac Death: legal and ethical justifications for antemortem interventions,' (2007) 187 Medical Journal of Australia 168 (with Wendy Rogers)

    Book review, 'Patient-Centred Ethics and Communication at the End of Life' (2007) 10 (2) Health Expectations 10 (2), 206

    "PD v Dr Nicholas Harvey: A Threat to Confidentiality or Straightforward Breach of Duty?", (2003) 7 UWSLR 161

    "Introducing the Internet to the Law School: Some Lessons from Adelaide" (2001) 15(3) International Review of Law Computers and Technology, 369


    Contributing Author Oxford Australian Law Dictionary (OUP, 2010)

    Conference Papers

    'Media: Exploring the final frontier of humanity'  Law, Literature and the Humanities Association of Australasia: Interpellations, Dec 2013.

    'Moving on from Rogers v Whitaker : A time to re-define the harm?' Australasian Association of Bioethics and Health Law, July 2013

    'Wi-Fi in the Ivory Tower: Reducing isolation of the Law PhD student through social media networks'  Wellness Network for Law presents: , March 2013 with Melissa DeZwart

    Panel Member, Plenary panel: The Advance Care Directives draft Framework - will it meet
    expectations?' Australasian Association of Bioethics and Health Law, July 2011

    'Regulating Consent to Organ and Embryo Donation: An Australian Inquiry' 10th World Congress of Bioethics (Bioethics in a Globalised World)' Singapore, July 2010 (with Prof Ngaire Naffine)

    'Informed Choice not Informed Consent', Australasian Association of Bioethics and Health Law, July 2010.

    Panelist: 'Life's End: Rights and Responsibilities' (The Forum, Open Day University of Adelaide August 2009)

    'Life as Loss?' July 2009,  ABA/ANZIHLE Joint Conference (Bioethics and Health Law Conference: Future Offers, Future Threats.')

    'Directed Donation of Biological Materials: An Example of Discrimination or Exercise of Free Choice?' July 2009,  ABA/ANZIHLE Joint Conference (Bioethics and Health Law Conference: Future Offers, Future Threats.'with Sheryl DeLacey and Wendy Rogers)

    'Directed biological donations: Do embryos and organs raise the same issues?' 9th World Congress of Bioethics, Ryeka, Croatia September 2008. (with Sheryl De Lacey and Wendy Rogers).

    'Donation After Cardiac Death', National Organ Donation Summit, July 2008

    'Legal and ethical considerations: Donation after cardiac death' November 2007, ABA/ANZIHLE Joint Conference (Health, Bioethics and the Law: Inclusions and Exclusions.'(with Associate Professor Wendy Rogers)

    'Rogers v Whitaker: Principles, perceptions and practicalities' September 2005, 12th AAPAE Conference.

    "The Role of the Internet in the LLB" Law Via the Internet 2001, 3rd AustLII Conference on Computerisation of Law via the Internet


    Cafe Scientifique: Xenotransplantation - the solution to our organ shortage?' RiAus September 2012



    'When are you dead?: Brain death and organ donation' RiAus, June 2011


    'The Ethics of Translational Research'  Healthy Development Adelaide (HDA) Forum: 'Translating Research from Bench to Bedside', July 2010

    International Course for Organ Donor & Transplant Co-Ordinators: Legal & Ethical Issues Surrounding Organ Donation (with Associate Professor Wendy Rogers)July 2008

    National Organ Donation Collaborative Learning Session: 'Legal and Ethical Issues Surrounding Organ Donation'(with Associate Professor Wendy Rogers), May 2008

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