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Professor Michael Brooks Artificial intelligence; computer science; computer vision
Associate Professor Michael O'Neil Analysis and commentary on the South Australian economy, including assessment of economic and public policy issues of relevance to South Australia and Australian economies. Gambling.
Professor Pascale Quester Consumer Behaviour, Marketing communications, including sponsorship, country of origin effects, branding, relationship marketing.
Professor John Williams High Court of Australia, Australian Constitutional Law, History, federalism
Associate Professor Jason Able Plant genetics; Plant breeding; Genetic engineering; Genetically modified food; Plant biotechnology; Meiosis; Genetics; Wheat; Durum Wheat
Dr Helen Barrie Ageing and Migration, Older people from a CALD background, ageing in rural communities, social networks and community connectedness, older people and new technologies, ageing populations
Dr Andrew Coyle mathematical modelling communications systems
Professor Matthew Gilliham Plant Science, Salinity Tolerance, Plant Nutrition, Viticulture, Plant Genomics
Professor David Haynes Bones; regulation of bone cell metabolism by cytokines; regulation of inflammation by cytokines; loosening of joint prostheses
Professor Sandra Hodge chronic obstructive pulmonary disease [COPD]; emphysema; asthma; cell biology; novel therapies
Professor Phil Hynd Animal science
Dr John Kaldi Carbon Capture and Storage, CCS, CO2 Geoequestration, Reservoir Characterisation, Seal evaluation, Petroleum geology, Petroleum engineering, petroleum industry in Indonesia
Professor Michael Keller Plant protection (insects and weeds); biological control; integrated pest management; insect behaviour; pest control; weeds; pollination
Dr Tuck-Weng Kok Virology; Virus Neutralizing Antibodies; Biotechnology; Public Health Diangostics; Influenza; Respiratory viruses; SARS; HIV; Microbiology; Point-of-Care Tests;
Professor Martin Lambert Flooding; Water engineering (rivers hydraulics, flooding, rainfall, hydrology); rivers hydraulics; rain
Associate Professor Susan Oakley Susan Oakley is an urban sociologist. Her research expertise is the relationship between urban planning, governance & urban renewal of brownfield sites. Dr Oakley is also involved in research on the gendered nature of youth homelessness. Currently she is studying pathways into independent living & civic participation for homeless people through sustainable accommodation & support programs.
Professor Simon Pyke Chemistry
Professor Alex Reilly Migration; Immigration; Refugees; Asylum Seekers; Pacific Seasonal Workers, International Students, Indigenous recognition and rights, Constitutional law
Professor Sarah Robertson reproductive biology and function; infertility (implantation failure, recurrent spontaneous abortion, uterine receptivity); embryo (in vitro culture, growth factors, IVF); Pregnancy (immunology of pregnancy, early pregnancy, embryo implantation, insemination and pregnancy, animal models)
Professor Eileen Scott Plant pathology; diseases of horticultural crops, grapevines, pulses and oilseeds caused by fungi and bacteria
Professor Sandy Steacy earthquakes, tsunamis, natural hazards, seismic hazard, volcanoes
Professor Samer Akkach Arab-Islamic art, design and culture; history and theory of Islamic art, architecture and landscape; intellectual history of early modernity, Arab-Islamic and Ottoman; Socio-urban history of Middle Eastern cities during the early modern period; Islamic cosmology (pre- and post-Copernican traditions), philosophy (pre- and early modern), and mysticism (pre- and early modern.
Dr Rob Amery Kaurna language; Language revival; Language reclamation; Indigenous languages; Endangered languages; Kaurna placenames; Indigenous languages in education
Professor Nigel Bean Mathematical modelling; maths in industry; operations research; probability; stochastic modelling; structure modelling; telecommunications
Professor Chris Burrell HIV; AIDS; virus infections in humans; immunology; immunisation; flu; influenza; hepatitis; common viruses; Ebola
Professor Jennifer Couper Paediatrics; diabetes; endocrinology
Professor David Giles Mineral exploration, mining, mineral deposits, education and training for the minerals industry, geology of Australia, plate tectonics
Professor Martin Hand geology; geothermal, structural geology; earthquakes; tectonics; rock deformation; formation of mountain ranges; plate tectonics; amalgamation of Australia; faults; folds; dating rocks; geochronology
Professor Donald Howie Orthopaedics, ie hip & knee joint replacement and revision surgery; young adult hip disorders and early arthritis.
Professor Mark Hutchinson Neuroscience; Immunology; Pharmacology; Drug Addiction; Microglia; Cytokine; Chemokine; Pain; Reward; Opioid; Opiate; Alcoholism; Immunogenetics; Toll Like Receptor; Astrocyte; Drug Abuse; Glia; Inflammation; Drug Development; Analgesia; Pain killer;
none registered Zoe Jordan Communication strategy; international collaboration in health research; health improvement; health improvement in developing countries; evidence based practice; evidence based healthcare; change management; systematic reviews; evidence synthesis; evidence/knowledge transfer; evidence utilisation/implementation
Professor Megan Lewis Vegetation (conservation, mapping and survey, regeneration); remote sensing and geographic information systems (use of satellite and airborne imagery for environmental mapping and monitoring, new generation high resolution sensors); arid lands/rangeland ecology and management; mapping of vegetation; satellite technology; vegetation ecology
Professor Noel Lindsay Entrepreneurship Private equity
Professor Andrew Lowe evolution of plants invasive species DNA tracking illegal logging climate change adaptation landscape genetics genomics DNA barcoding ecosystem survey phylogeography speciation and hybridisation biodiversity corridor planning biodiversity refugia habitat restoration conservation planning
Professor Guy Ludbrook Drugs (anaesthetic, delivery); neuropharmacology; medical monitoring; intensive care; anaesthesia; anaesthetics; anaesthetic drugs; drug delivery
Professor Guy Maddern Surgery
Professor Shaun McColl Rheumatoid arthritis (molecular biology of, especially the role of chemokine networks in acute and chronic inflammatory processes); proteomics (study of proteins, links with cancer and other diseases); MS; multiple sclerosis; autoimmune diseases (molecular biology of, especially the role of chemokine networks in acute and chronic inflammatory processes); proteins (study of proteins, links with cancer and other diseases)
Professor Sandy McFarlane post traumatic stress disorder; anxiety; trauma; PTSD; military; DSM-IV; psychophysiology; somatic; disasters; bushfire; bushfires; Ash Wednesday; psychology; psychiatry
Professor Tracy Merlin Evidence-based health care; Evidence-based health policy; Health technology assessment (HTA); systematic literature reviews; meta-analysis; Diagnostic tests; Personalised medicine; Developing evidence-based clinical practice guidelines; Disinvestment methodology and processes
Professor Gus Nathan Energy; Renewable Energy; solar; Clean Energy Technology; Combustion technology; air pollution; Low-carbon economy; Cost-effective pathways to emissions reduction;
Dr Bruce Northcote Mathematical modelling; operations research; telecommunications; performance analysis; communications engineering; simulation; teletraffic; standards representation; patent review;
Professor Maree O'Keefe medical education; child health; consumer participation; community engagement
Associate Professor Peter Pugsley Asian film; Asian media; popular culture; cinema; Asian magazines; Bollywood;
Dr Abdallah Salem Illicit drugs;Drugs of abuse;Drugs of dependence; Party drugs;Pharmacology;Neuropharmacology
Professor Michael Sawyer Child and adolescent mental health; child psychiatry
Associate Professor Jeremy Thompson Embryology; reproduction
Professor Wayne Tilley Prostate cancer, breast cancer; hormones and other factors involved in ageing and cancer; development of resistance to cancer therapies.

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