Associate Professor Mary Griffiths

 Position Visiting Research Fellow
 Org Unit Media
 Telephone +61 8 8313 4838
 Location Floor/Room 9 02 ,  Napier ,   North Terrace
  • Biography/ Background

    Dr. Griffiths has held many senior university leadership positions in Australia. As Head of Communications and Writing she played a foundational role in Monash University's off-shore program development and delivery to Singapore, Malaysia and South Africa in Monash's international communications program. She taught and developed research projects at Screen and Media in U Waikato, before taking up her current position at the University of Adelaide in mid-2006. As Head of Media for two terms (2006-2011), she initiated and implemented BMedia development, serving on both Faculty Education Committee and Faculty Research Committee for five critical years of program and discipline building. As External Examiner (2013-2016) for the three-year Media and Creative Studies (Honours) program at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, she recently conducted a comprehensive program review.

    Advisory Board, Digital Society Foundation, a newly established not-for-profit organization, aiming to use their knowledge and experience in technology and innovation to assist developing communities gain social and economic well-being in the digital era of human development. Digital Society Foundation is a member of The Alliance for Affordable Internet,
    Editorial Boards


    2008-2014 Associate Editor, International Journal of Media and Cultural Politics, U Leeds, and now U Vienna

    2004-present Associate Editor, EJEG: The Electronic Journal of E-Government, Trinity College, Dublin. Renewed term from 2014

    1995-present Editorial Board, then International Advisory Board (2013) and frequent Guest Editor, Communication, Politics & Culture, RMIT U, Australia

    Research Visiting Fellowships Held

    2009 Visiting Research Professor, International Communications and E-Democracy.University of Leeds, UK

    2003-2004 Visiting Research Associate (one day per week), Institute for Regional Studies, Monash University

    2003 Honorary Research Associate, Media Governance Panel, Faculty of Business and Economics, Caulfield Campus, Monash University

    2002 Visiting Professor, School of Communication Arts and the International Teledemocracy Centre, Napier University, Edinburgh, UK&

  • Qualifications

    BA Hons (Wales), PGCE (Bristol), M.Litt (UNE), PhD (Monash)

  • Teaching Interests

    Dr. Griffiths' teaching philosophy is based on using the best features of blended learning, and experimentation with immersive, authentic assessment. She initiated a public-facing blog 'Election Observatory',, for first-time voters to join public debate during the South Australian State Election, 2014; current students are running a civic campaign, #gladelaide.

    Areas of expertise include: participatory media and communications theory; qualitative media research methods, especially their ethical dimensions; globalising media and the local; the social, political and creative impact of digital and mobile technologies; digital story; realist cinema, film noir and the gothic; writing techniques, and postcolonial cultural production.

    For the revised digital and participatory B.Media, her new courses included: the pivotal Introduction to Media : Digital Revolutions (2007); Directed Studies in Media (2007); Advanced Theory: Mobile Mediations (2008); Story/Technology (2008); Spark & Remix: Media Writing (2009); Media Democracies and E-Participation (2009). She has guest lectured in Media Research Methods and Professional Practice. In 2010 Media Democracies and E-participation was chosen for the Enhanced E-Learning and Teaching Project. Media Industry Placement, which she has developed over seven years is now the faculty's largest internship program with two annual iterations and enrolments of 80-90, and over 50 industry hosts.

    Postgraduate Supervision

    At the postgraduate research level, Dr. Griffiths supervises HDR students on a range of media, politics and internet-based topics.

    2015 MPhil. B. Geary, ‘Social media: The saviour of community organisations?' Dean's Commendation.

    2015 PhD. C. E. Bedford, 'Making waves behind bars: The story of the Prison Radio Association.' Dean's Commendation.
    2014 PhD. S.Chinnasamy, ‘Election 2008 and'
    2014 M. Sustainability. S. Rai, ‘NASA civic hackathons: Reusing open space data for sustainability.'
    2013 PhD. M. A. Mohammad Salleh, ‘Communication satisfaction in using Internet-based information managementsystems among research university employees.'

    2013 PhD. A. Ismail, ‘The strengths and limitations of development journalism in Malaysia.'
    2011 MA. M. Johnson, ‘Making policy for children's use of new media technologies.'
    2011 MA. S. Oakey, ‘Fan fiction cultures online.'
    2010 PhD, (Co-). Y. Jiang, ‘Dissecting Chinese bloggers' anger towards the Western media.'
    2009 MA, (Co-). N. Carolin, ‘Indigenous storytelling about Cyclone Tracy.'
    2009 PhD. S. Khorana,‘Crossing over: Theorising Mehta's film trilogy, practising diasporic creativity.'
    2006 PhD, (Co-). N. Bather, 'Evil and Hollywood film.'
    2005 MA. H. Ma ‘New Zealand Chinese students and The Lord of the Rings.'

    Current Supervisions
    2014 MPhil. L. Chung ‘Creative industries, crowd-funding, and South Australian film'
    2014 PhD, (Co-). R. Palmer, ‘Adapting the communication challenge to climate change debates'


  • Research Interests

    Emerging technologies, and the ways that they enable and/or constrain participatory, democratising practices in Australia and elsewhere. This field includes the topics: e-democracy and e-citizens; uses of Web 2.0 and 3.0; social media forms and prosumer literacy, content and platforms; governance and government/citizen relations (from communication policy and regulatory issues, to analyses of innovation in making community and institutional relationships); open e-learning.

    Research Projects

    2015-2016 'Civic uses of the Internet of Things,' 'Smart Arts', 'Mobile Heritage Informatics,' 'Smart Cities'

    2014 First-time voter experience and political subjectivity, Office of PVC funding, U Adelaide

    2011 Digital citizenship and youth participation (hosted Endeavour Scholar)
    2010 Citizens, Freedoms & The Politics of the Internet Symposium HUMSS funding with F. Patrikeeff
    2010 Authentic Learning - Digital Information Flows E-SIM in conjunction with in-kind contributions from CLPD.
    2009 Distinguished Visiting Scholar Application for Professor Sean Cubitt, U Melbourne
    2009 Distinguished Visiting Scholar Application for Professor Fan, Communications U China, Beijing
    2008 Digital Literacies Project, HUMSS funding, U Adelaide
    2007 Global Impact of Sexualisation Project The British Academy funding with Professor K. Sarikakis (U Leeds)
    2007 Intranets and Government, School of Humanities funding, U Adelaide
    2004-06 New Media and Activism: New Media Theory, Waikato U funding with Professor Sean Cubitt
    2004 Scoping NZ E-Democracy, U of Waikato funding.
    2002 Establishment funding: Research Unit in Work and Communication Futures, Monash Seeding Grants, Snell, D., Griffiths, M., Ballis, H., Collis, M., Cooper, S. and Solas, J., Strategic Monash U Research Funding and Faculty of Arts
    2001-05 E-Democracy Project, Monash U, Waikato U funding.
    2001 Graduate Employment Latrobe Valley Monash Regional Australia Project,from Research Unit in Work and Communication Futures.
    2000-2002 Active Citizens Project - Latrobe Valley: Monash U and Latrobe City joint funding

    2000-2004 redremex: Creative Writing Online Intercultural Pedagogy, Teaching Innovation Fund Monash U plus CLT


  • Publications

    Selected Publications

    Griffiths, M. (forthcoming) 'Towards a civic pluralism: the 'Internet of Things', enriched experiences and collective placemaking.' In Intercultural Transcultural encounters in knowledge production and consumption. eds. Xianlin Song and Sun, Youzhang. Springer Education.

    Rai, S. and M. Griffiths (2016) 'Useful' civic hacking for environmental sustainability: knowledge transfer and the International Space Apps Challenge. The Journal of Community Informatics. 12 (1), pp 53-68.

    Griffiths, M. (2015) Empowering citizens: A constructivist assessment of the impact of contextual and design factors on the concept of shared governance. In Public affairs administration: Concepts, methodologies, tools and applications. Ed. Khosrow-Pour, M. for Contemporary Research in Information Systems and Technology. IGI. pp1443 -1461. (2013 republication).

    Griffiths, M.(2015) Citizens, co-production and the public sphere. In Management and participation inthe public sphere. ed. Marko Mervio. Advances in Public Policy and Administration, IGI, pp 80-100.

    Griffiths, M and S. Rai (2015) Civic hackathons. 14th Australian Space Research Conference Refereed Proceedings, September 2014, Adelaide , Australia. Australian Academy of Science and National Space Society of Australia Ltd. ISBN 13 978-0-9775740-8-7.

    Griffiths, M. and S. Chinnasamy (2014) Ambiga Sreenevasan and Malaysian counter-publics. In Women in politics and media in emerging democracies. Eds. Mary Stover and Elza Ibrosheva. Bloomsbury P., pp 32-46

    Griffiths, M. (2014) Notions of guardianship. In The way we are governed. Eds. Philip Dearman and Cathy Greenfield. Cambridge Scholarly Press, pp 31-52.

    Griffiths, M. (2013) Empowering citizens: A constructivist assessment of the impact of contextual and design factors on the concept of shared governance. In E-government success factors and measures: Concepts, theories, experiences, and practical recommendations. Ed. J. Ramon Gil-Garcia. IGI: Hershey, Penn.

    Griffiths, M. and S. Chinnasamy (2013) Malaysia's Internet governance dilemma. In Developing E-Government Projects: Frameworks & Methodologies. Ed. Z. Mahmoud. IGI, Hershey, Penn, pp 248-266.

    Griffiths, M. (2012) Real time political news:Designing information flows in an online scenario. eLC Research Paper Series, Communication In the Digital Age. pp 41-52

    Griffiths M, Y.Jiang & M.Griffiths, (2012), eds. ' China: Challenges, change & collaborative research'. Editorial, special issue, 'China', Communications, Politics and Culture. 45 (2) pp 168-173,;ID=k8fudaq7t1o3z

    Griffiths, M. (2012) 'The digital, participatory and international turn: Media at the University of Adelaide'. In The History of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Adelaide, 1876-2012, eds Harvey, N., Fornasiero, F., McCarthy, G. MacIntyre, C., & C. Crossin.pp 299-323.

    Chinnasamy, S & M. Griffiths (2012) 'Emerging forms of Internet-enabled political participation in Malaysia'. Conference Proceedings of MediAsia2012, Osaka, Japan, 2 Nov. 2012, pp 482-496.

    Griffiths, M. (2012) Climate change policy in Australia: Contexts, and consultation on the Clean Energy Legislative Package (2011). Proceedings of the 12th European Conference on e-Government, ESADE, Barcelona, 14-15th June, 2012, pp 320-328.

    Griffiths, M.(2012) Issues involved in adopting a Work-Integrated-Learning approach in a media internship course. Proceedings of the International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies. EDULearn12, July 2, 2012, Barcelona, pp 2737-2745.

    Griffiths, M. (2012) Democratic play: Understanding media industry change and its impact on political culture through a blended online and offline learning scenario. Proceedings of the International Conference on Social E-xperience, BCN Meeting 2012, July 3-4, 2012, Barcelona.

    Griffiths, M. and S. Cubitt (2011) 'Mobile/audience: Rethinking the contradictions' in The Mobile Audience: Media Art and Mobile Technologies, ed. M. Reiser with a foreword by Howard Rheingold, Amsterdam/New York, pp 81-96.

    Griffiths, M. (2011) The potential advantage in the nexus of technologies, businesses, infrastructure and culture, 3rd Cultural & Creative Industry and City Branding International Forum, 'Culture and Science Merging and City Industry Upgrading'. Conference Thesis Compilation. Renmin University, Beijing, PRC. 13-14th November, 2011, pp. 52-65.

    Griffiths, M. (2011) The Digital information flows e-sim: Role-play as media democracy education in an era of Gov 2.0 and wikileaks. Media, Communication, and Democracy Conference: Global and National Contexts, EU Centre, RMIT, September 2. Slides;ID=49g59cm3qkgi

    Griffiths, M. and Y. Park (2011) 'Digital citizens: Young people's online and offline political participation'. Media, Communication, and Democracy Conference: Global and National Contexts, EU Centre, RMIT, September 1.

    Griffiths, M. (2011) Photographs of the young/ young photographers: Generation and the generative power of digital images. International journal of media and cultural politics, 7: 2, 155-72.

    Griffiths, M. (2011) 'Crowdsourcing techniques: Citizens' policy input at Community Cabinets and strategic planning ‘dotmocracy' tables. Conference Proceedings, ECEG 2011, Ljubljana, Slovenia, June 16-18, 2011.

    Griffiths, M. (2010) 'Open government, populism, social media, and citizens.' merz: medien + erziehung, zeitschrift fur medienpadagogik. 5/2010.

    Griffiths, M. (2009) 'eDemocracy design: Citizen consultation on contentious issues.' Proceedings of EDEM 2009 Conference on Electronic Democracy, Sept 7-8, 2009, Vienna, eds Prosser, A & P.Parycek, Osterreiche Computer Gesellschaft, pp 51-59.

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    Invited Presentations

    'Journalists/consumers: contexts and clicks', Bias in the Media Linguistics Seminar Panel with Peter White and Lexie el Don, University of Adelaide, October 9, 2014

    'Getting serious about "hacking" space-derived data: designing sustainable open data hackathons for maximum impact.' With Sumen Rai. 14th Australian Space Research Conference, Sept 30, 2014, University of South Australia.

    'China Online: Representational practices.' Theories of Representation Seminar, MA (Translation and Trancultural Studies), Asian Studies, School of Social Sciences, U Adelaide, May 22, 2014.

    'Uncivil Jocks and bloggers: An analysis of disruptive media commentary.' Linguistics Seminar, University of Adelaide. 5 May, 2014.

    'Creative city revisited: Conceptual, physical and participatory spaces,' Faculty of Creative Industries, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, PJ Campus, Malaysia, April 15, 2014.

    'Diversity Destroyed: A City Remembers 1933-1938': Memorialising practices and the renewal of democratic idenity in contemporary Berlin. Jews, Judaism and Hybridity, Australian Association for Jewish Studies 29th Conference, University of Adelaide, 9-11 February, 2014.

    'New communicative power: 'Entitlement', and the why and how of social media engagement'. Guest speaker, Public Sector Leaders Series. CPA Australia: Adelaide, 12/10/12 and Hobart, 21 October 2012.

    'Creative Citizen-Government Policy Consultations', Closing Keynote, Design, Interaction, Culture, OZCHI, ANU, Canberra, 2 December, 2011.

    'Digital information flows, media and politics', Citizens, freedoms & the Internet, University of Adelaide Public Forum, K.Lumley College, Adelaide, 7 November 2011.

    'Governing Sexuality: Policy and the Generative Power of Images.' Console-ing Passions Conference, UNISA, Adelaide, July 21-24 2011

    ‘ "Authentically South Australia": Re-imagining, and Re-imaging, a City and a State.' 5th Annual International Conference, Harmonious World, Communications University of China, Beijing. October 8-9 2010.

    'A Civil and Confident Australia Online: Digital Economy Policy Consultations', Research Seminar, Media and Journalism, University of Huddersfield, UK. 1 December, 2009

    'The Great Australian Firewall...Maybe:Internet Filtering and other Digital Policy-Making'. Masters Policy Seminar, ICS, University of Leeds, UK 4 November, 2009.

    'Creative Tactics: Can Social Media Change the Ways Things Are Done?' Research Seminar, Institute of Communication Studies, University of Leeds, UK. 11 November, 2009

    'Peers and Other 'Non-Experts': What's the Promise of New Kinds of Participation and Governance?' Keynote, RMIT Graduate Research Conference, Melbourne 12 June, 2008

    Expert Commentary

    'Student Protests', Global Generation: Podacast interview with Kahlia Hartwig and Sam Talbot, 19/09/14

    ‘Social media and politics', Global Generation: Podcast interview with Grace Baker. Radio Adelaide, 4/04/2014

    ‘Being British and Australian: Australia Day,' Radio Adelaide, with Jordan Archer, 26/01/11

    ‘Is democracy failing?' Radio Adelaide Morning Show, with Tim Brunero. 29/07/11

    ‘It's all polly tweet: Twitter 101 for politicians'. ABC Riverland interview with Jessica Swann. 30/11/11

    'Decidedly not in Sturt.' Sydney Morning Herald. Article on GetUp! Australia's voting cards.

    'State's first Media scholarship awarded to the University.'
    'Five gold medals, 5 world records.'

    'Film competition puts young people in the picture.'

    Engaging the revolution. 2007. Documentary. P Elms (dir). Channel 9, January.


  • Community Engagement

    Dr.Griffiths has worked as a member of several local and state government planning committees overseas, In South Australia and Victoria. She helped train Melbourne city councillors in potential civic uses of the internet, worked on a strategic communications planning group for a regional city in Victoria and participated in planning a media business incubator in the City of Hamilton, NZ which involved a city/tertiary institutions partnerships.

    In Adelaide she served on the HESS Media Taskforce, and involved Media at the University in support for, and sponsorship of, the Mobile Entertainment Growth Alliance South Australia (MeGaSA). This cross-tertiary and industry organisation developed the first digital content incubator course nationally. As the developer of Media Industry Placement, she enjoys her regular conversations with representatives of local businesses, media institutions and state agencies.

    Dr.Griffiths served on the Boards of 44 Adelaide (2007-2011) and Radio Adelaide (2008-2011). She expanded the membership of the University's Media Advisory Board from 2006-2011 as part of Media's industry and community engagement. She chaired the working parties on the University's Short Film Festival in 2007, 2008 and 2009. She participated in Adelaide's Creative Cities Index consultation in 2014.



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