Associate Professor Natalie Williamson

 Position First Year Director - Chemistry
 Org Unit Chemistry
 Telephone +61 8 8313 5496
 Location Floor/Room 2 23 ,  Badger ,   North Terrace
  • Biography/ Background

    BSc (Hons) (First Class) - Organic Chemistry 1992 (Adel)

    PhD - Organic Chemistry 1996 (Adel)

    Postdoctoral fellowship, University of Liverpool, 1996-97

  • Awards & Achievements

    2016 Office for Learning and Teaching Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning (as a member of the Foundations of Chemistry Team)

    2015 RACI Chemistry Educator of the Year

    2015 University of Adelaide Commendation for Excellence in Support of the Student Experience (as a member of the Foundations of Chemistry Teaching Team)

    2014 University of Adelaide Stephen Cole the Elder Award for Excellence in Teaching

    2014 Executive Dean of Sciences Award for Excellence in Teaching (team award)

    2013 Early Career STEM Educator of the Year, South Australian Science Excellence Awards

    2010 Australian Learning and Teaching Council Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning

    2009 Executive Dean of Sciences Award for Excellence in Teaching (first five years of teaching award)

  • Teaching Interests

    Organic chemistry
    Spectroscopy and Analytical chemistry
    Practical chemistry
  • Research Interests

    Synthetic organic chemistry
    Heterocyclic chemistry
    Red wine pigments
    Olive polyphenols
    Chemical education

  • Publications

    Selected publications:

    Williamson, N.M., Metha, G.F., Willison, J. and Pyke, S.M., “Development of POGIL-Style Classroom Activities for an Introductory Chemistry Course”, International Journal of Innovation in Science and Mathematics Education, 2013, 21(5), 16-30.

    Lambert, S.G., Asenstorfer, R.E., Williamson, N.M., Iland, P.G. and Jones, G.P., "Copigmentation between malvidin-3-glucoside and some wine constituents and its importance to colour expression in red wine", Food Chem., 2011, 125, 106-115.

    Holman, M.A., Williamson, N.M. and Ward, A.D., "Preparation and Cyclisation of Some N-(2,2-Dimethylpropargyl) Homo- and Heteroaromatic Amines and the Synthesis of Some Pyrido[2,3-d]pyrimidines", Aust. J. Chem., 2005, 58, 368.

    Williamson, N.M. and Ward, A.D., "The preparation and some chemistry of 2,2-dimethyl-1,2-dihydroquinolines", Tetrahedron, 2005, 61, 155.

    Francis, C.L., Ward, A.D. and Williamson, N.M., "The synthesis of tetrahydroquinolines related to Virantmycin", Synthesis, 2004, 2685.

    Crisp, G.T. and Williamson, N.M., "Separation of Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons Using 2-Dimensional Thin-Layer Chromatography - An Environmental Chemistry Experiment", J. Chem. Ed., 1999, 76, 1691.

    Allen, J.V., Bergeron, S., Griffiths, M.J., Mukherjee, S., Roberts, S.M., Williamson, N.M., and Wu, L.E., "Juliá-Colonna asymmetric epoxidation reactions under non-aqueous conditions: rapid, highly regio- and stereo-selective transformations using a cheap, recyclable catalyst", J. Chem. Soc. Perkin Trans. 1, 1998, 3171.


  • Professional Associations

    Member of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute (MRACI, CChem).

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