Reza Siregar

  • Biography/ Background

    Dr. Reza Y. Siregar received his Ph.D from Brown University, Department of Economics in May 1994. During the first four years after completing his graduate study, he held several full time and visiting positions in places such as the Center for Pacific Basin Monetary and Economic Studies, the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco; Center for International Economics, Department of Economics, University of Maryland at College Park, USA; and the Economic Development and Resource Center of the Asian Development Bank in Manila. In May 1999, he returned to the academic life and joined the Department of Economics, National University of Singapore. In June 2002, he moved to the School of Economics, University of Adelaide.

    He has been a consultant, a visiting scholar and an advisor to various multilateral agencies such as the Asian Development Bank, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the Asia Foundation, the USAid, and the AUSAid.

    Reza is presently on an extended leave from the University, during which he is with the Asia-Pacific Office of the International Monetary Fund (IMF)-Institute, located in Singapore.

  • Teaching Interests

    Responsible for International Finance III, Honours International Finance, and Money and Banking.
  • Research Interests

    Open Macroeconomics; Development Economics (particular focus on the East Asian countries); International Finance and Trade; Monetary Policy; and Applied Time-Series Econometrics.
  • Publications

    Selected Publications:

    1."Fundamental Pitfals of Exchange Market Pressure-Based Approaches to Identification of Currency Crises",(with Pontines, V), International Review of Economics & Finance, (forthcoming).

    2."The Yen, the US dollar, and the Trade Weighted Basket of Currencies: Does the Choice of Anchor Currencies Matter in Identifying Incidences of Speculative Attacks?, (with Pontines, V), Japan and the World Economy, Vol. 19 (2007), pp. 214-235.

    3. "Sources of Variation Between the Inflation Rates of Korea, Thailand and Indonesia During The Post-1997 Crisis", Journal of Policy Modelling, (with Rajaguru, G), Vol. 27, Issue 7, October 2005, pp. 867-884.

    4. "Impacts of Exchange Rate Volatility on Indonesia Trade Performance in the 1990s", (with Rajan, R), Journal of the Japanese and International Economies, Vol. 18, 2004, pp. 218-240.

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