Dr Suzanne Gardner

Dr Suzanne Gardner
 Position Lecturer
 Org Unit Dental
 Email sue.gardner@adelaide.edu.au
 Telephone +61 8 8313 3053
 Location Floor/Room WS10055.07 ,  Adelaide Health and Medical Sciences ,   North Terrace
  • Biography/ Background

    Dr Sue Gardner holds a tenured position as Lecturer at the School of Dentistry, the University of Adelaide. She has a long history of dental education involvement, teaching in a range of areas in both the Bachelor of Dental Surgery and Bachelor of Oral Health programs. Her special interest is in pre-clinical practice, preparing undergraduates for seeing actual patients in the early years of their programs. Sue is currently involved with the teaching of Dental Science and Practice, Clinical Practice, Evidenced- based Dentistry, Dental and Health Science, Behavioural Science and Social Context of Dentistry. Sue was the recipient of a Faculty of Health Sciences Divisional Scholarship for the three year duration of her candidature as a PhD student.  The area of her research, undertaken at the Australian Centre for Population Oral Health, was exploring the characteristics of dental providers who work with underserved populations. The aim of her study was to better understand the personal characteristics and motivation of dentists who choose to provide care, on an ongoing basis, to disadvantaged groups of Australians. Sue's other research interests include student selection, factors that influence career choice for dentistry and oral health students and predicting peformance of undergraduates.  

  • Qualifications

    Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), The University of Adelaide, South Australia, 2015.

    Bachelor of Science in Dentistry (Honours) (BscDent(Hons), The University of Adelaide, 2007.

    Bachelor of Education (Adult & Vocational), University of South Australia, 2002.

    Certificate in Dental Therapy (recognised as Diploma), SA Health Commission, 1971.

  • Research Interests

    Dental & Oral health student selection

    Admissions procedures

    Dentists' motivation

    Predictors of students performance

    Underserved populations

    Career choice influences



  • Research Funding

    Coigate Alliance for a Caries Free Future grant (ACFF) December 2017

    Australian Dental Research Funding (ADRF) grant, 2013. 

    Australian Dental Research Funding (ADRF) grant, 2012

    Colgate Travel Award, 2012.

    Divisional Scholarship, Faculty of Health Sciences, The University of Adelaide, 2011

  • Publications

    Teusner DN, Satur J, Gardner SP, Amarasena N, Brennan DS, (2018) ‘Variations in Australian dental therapy practice by practitioner and workplace characteristics’, International Dental Journal , Feb 21. doi: 10.1111/idj.12382. [Epub ahead of print) 

     Gardner SP, ‘Profile of oral health students over a ten year period and their practice intentions after graduation’, (2017) Oral Health and Care open access text, 2(1):1-7.


     Gardner SP, ‘Exploration of dentists’ characteristics associated with caring for disadvantaged patients using a mixed-methods approach’, (2015), PhD Thesis, The University of Adelaide. https://digital.library.adelaide.edu.au/dspace/bitstream/2440/97385/4/01front.pdf.

    Gardner SP, Roberts-Thomson KF, Winning TA, Peterson R. (2014), ‘Intrinsic reward received by a group of dentists who work with underserved groups’, Aust Dent J; 59:1-7.

    Gardner SP, Roberts-Thomson KF, Winning TA, Peterson R. ‘Serving the underserved. Why do some dentists do what they do?’ (2013), Aust Dent J; 58(4):S14-S15.  

    Gardner SP, Roberts-Thomson KF. (2013), ‘The effect of a change in selection procedures on students’ motivation to study dentistry’ Aust Dent J 59;11:43-47.

    Gardner SP, Roberts-Thomson KF. (2012), ‘Predicting high achievers in the University of Adelaide, Australia, Bachelor of Oral Health Program 2002-2009’ (2012). J Dent Educ 76;12:1646-1656

    Watts N, Preece M, Gardner SP. (2011) ‘Review of literature; periodontal disease’. J Aust Dent & Oral Health Therapists Assoc (ADOHTA) 7(2):12-16

    Gardner SP, Roberts-Thomson KF (2009) ‘Career Choice factors First Year Dental Students between 1993-2005: The University of Adelaide’, J Dent Res (Spec Iss B):226

  • Community Engagement

    Community Engagement

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