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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know if I am eligible for assistance?

    Any University of Adelaide student with a disability or medical condition, whether a short or long term issue, may be eligible for assistance from Disability Support.

    A disability can include any physical, mental, sensory or neurological condition that affects a student’s ability to meet the requirements of their study program.

    To be considered eligible for Reasonable Adjustments you will need to provide either:

    • A completed Verification and Impact Statement, or
    • A report from your psychologist detailing your learning disability and its impact on your study
  • What does the Disability Advisor do?

    The Disability Advisor (DA) can provide you with information and advice about how to negotiate Reasonable Adjustments with academic staff based on your medical documentation.

  • What is an Access Plan (AP)?

    This is a document prepared by the Disability Advisor for students with disabilities or medical conditions.

    Your Access Plan is used to document information about the impact of your disability or medical condition on your studies. It outlines Reasonable Adjustments which you can provide to academic staff each semester to assist in your negotiations.

  • How do I make an appointment?

    Appointments are made after you have completed the online Registration Form. Appointments are available Monday to Friday during office hours.

  • What do I need to do to register?

    Fill in the online Registration Form which will require you to:

    • Upload a Verification and Impact Statement (VIS)
    • Upload a psychologists learning assessment if relevant
    • Upload Year 12, SACE accommodations to your studies, if relevant
    • Upload other relevant medical documentation
    • If you have studied at another University, upload your previous Access Plan
  • How do I organise Alternative Exam Arrangements (AEA)?

    You will need to register with Disability Support early in the semester.

    You will need to have your AEA granted no later than 4 weeks prior to the examination period.

    Further information is available on the Examinations page.

  • What if I need an extension?

    You may be able to negotiate short extensions on an assignment using your Access Plan.

    Academic staff will generally consider extension requests that are reasonable and fall within the course timelines.

  • Who gets to see my Access Plan?

    You can use your Access Plan to negotiate Reasonable Adjustments with academic staff in your courses.

    You are not obliged to disclose your disability, but it is important to note that the relevant University staff may not be able to meet your needs if they are not aware of how your disability impacts on your studies.

    If you do choose to register with Disability Support, the Access Plan does not disclose the nature of your disability or medical condition, only the Reasonable Adjustments that will be required.

    You will be provided with an electronic copy of your Access Plan so that you can use it to inform University staff about your requirements.

  • What about confidentiality?

    Disability Support has strict guidelines around confidentiality, and you can be assured that information remains confidential within the service. The nature of your disability or medical condition will not be disclosed to another person unless you agree that a certain level of disclosure to academic staff would be useful.

    While the Disability Advisor will collect information about the disability or medical condition, when making arrangements with academic staff the focus will be on the functional impact it has on your studies.

    Your choice to access Disability Support does not appear on your academic transcript.

  • What is Category A?

    Reasonable Adjustments, outlined in your Access Plan,  will remain in place and unchanged for the duration of your study in your current program at the University of Adelaide.

    If you are a Category A student and you have Alternative Exam Arrangements (AEA) these will also be in place for the duration of your current program.

    Category A students will no longer need to make appointments with Disability Advisors each semester. However, if your medical circumstances change or you change programs you must make an appointment with the Disability Advisor in order for your Reasonable Adjustments to be reviewed.

    You will also need to discuss specific requirements (e.g. access, alternative formatting) prior to each semester commencing to enable time to make necessary arrangements.

    If you take a break from your studies for more than 1 year, you will need to provide additional medical documentation to re-register with Disability Support and obtain and updated Access Plan and/or AEA.

  • What is Category B?

    Reasonable Adjustments, outlined in your Access Plan or AEA, will be valid for either one semester or one year. This will be stated on your AP or AEA documents.

    If adjustments are required past this date you must arrange a new Access Plan and/or AEA. Additional medical documentation may be required.

  • Where are exams with AEA held?

    Exams scheduled at the Wayville Showgrounds (see the "Location" column on your exam timetable) will be held at the alternative venue - the Lower Napier Building, North Terrace campus.

    It is important to check the venue of your exams with the Exams Office on  8313 5209 if one of your provisions is the "use of a computer", as the venue may vary.

    If your exam timetable states another location, the exam is an in-department exam and is organised by the School. Please contact your School for further information.

  • What if I am injured after the AEA cut-off date?

    You may be able to obtain AEAs even after the cut-off date, but you will need to contact Disability Support as soon as possible after your injury to book an appointment. You will need to provide medical verification of your injury which may include a letter from your GP, and X-ray report or a hospital discharge letter and discuss the details of your exam in a meeting with a Disability Advisor.

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