Information for Parents

If you have a child who has a disability or ongoing medical condition who will be studying at the University of Adelaide, the following information may be useful:

  • Services provided by Disability Support are free and confidential. For further information - Disclosure and Confidentiality
  • Any student enrolled at the University of Adelaide with a diagnosed disability or ongoing medical condition may be eligible for assistance from Disability Support - who do we support and how can we help.
  • We recommend your child registers online with Disability Support as soon as they have enrolled in their courses, as some services may take time to arrange, or may need to be organised prior to the semester commencing. If your child has very complex requirements, they are welcome to register before an offer of study has been made (please follow the same registration process, and choose the ‘prospective student’ option)
  • Details of required supporting medical documentation can be found at how to register.

Can I be involved?

If your child is 18 years or older, we will need their permission to be able to communicate with you. They can provide this permission in writing via email. They will also need to consent to you attending an appointment with them to meet with a Disability Advisor. If they are happy for you to attend an appointment with them, we welcome you to do so.

If your child is under 18 years old when they commence university, you will be welcome to communicate with their Disability Advisor until they turn 18, but we will need to include your child in all relevant communication and decisions.

As University is an adult learning environment, academic staff will be expecting to communicate with students directly regarding any questions or concerns, rather than with their parents. If you have concerns about your child’s disability and how this is impacting on their studies, please contact their Disability Advisor (with their consent). We are happy to assist your child with communicating with relevant staff regarding their needs, in relation to their health condition.

We encourage you to have a look at these useful resources, to assist your child with their transition to University: