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AgriFood & Wine

Australian eChallenge AgriFood & Wine

From Farm to Fork

The introduction of an AgriFood & Wine Stream with the support of PIRSA (Primary Industries and Regions SA) will introduce the Australian eChallenge program to AgriFood & Wine within South Australia. The aim is to help agribusinesses develop new products and services that serve to create innovative ways to engage with existing, emerging, and new markets.

Innovation is the Key

The Australian eChallenge program has been designed specifically to increase innovation. With the global food demand booming, Australia needs to innovate and take advantage of any opportunities for growth. Innovations within the AgriFood & Wine sectors need to increase in order for Australia to remain competitive and ahead of the market. In response to this the Australian eChallenge AgriFood & Wine program will commence in July 2016 in order to provide a structured and supported platform for innovators to test their ideas and potentially receive funding and investment.

The Program

The Australian eChallenge AgriFood & Wine is run by the Entrepreneurship Commercialisation and Innovation Centre (ECIC) at The University of Adelaide and has stimulated entrepreneurship in Australia since 2001.

The Australian eChallenge provides a proven teaching and learning environment;

  • that exposes participants to the world of commercialisation,
  • entrepreneurial leadership,
  • entrepreneurial strategy development,
  • strategic business planning, and
  • venture financing

The Australian eChallenge is based around the development and submission of a comprehensive strategic business case for the development of an early stage entrepreneurial venture. Participants pitch their opportunities to panels of potential investors from the local business community.

It is a program where entrepreneurial teams compete for prizes and the prestige of being nominated the most outstanding Australian eChallenge entrepreneurial venture for the year.

Program Benefits

  • The development of new ventures
  • Creation of new products, services, or processes
  • Discover innovative ways to engage with existing, emerging, and new markets nationally and/or overseas.
  • Build skills that increase entrepreneurial capacity within your business
  • Participants can count this program towards a degree with The University of Adelaide


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