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Australian eChallenge Fringe

Australian eChallenge Fringe
(ENTREP 3900 and ENTREP 7900)
Don’t want to be on the fringe? Then be a part of it instead!

The Australian eChallenge is about to get artistic. The ECIC and the School of Computer Science invite students from all faculties to develop creative and innovative solutions to problems and issues identified by Adelaide Fringe artists and venue organisers. Every year the Fringe boasts more and more participants, locations and above all punters. The challenge is to keep things running smoothly and professionally, and generally continue to be the world leader of festivals. How can we better serve our artists and audiences, how can we be more intuitive, interactive, and efficient? That’s where you come in.

Adelaide’s Fringe is the second largest event of its type in the world. With over 1000 shows in 440 venues and 600,000 tickets sold every year, the Fringe is a massive source of data that tells us how people enjoy Adelaide when they come to visit. But what can we do to make this data useful to attendees, artists, venues and the Fringe itself? Which shows are likely to be more successful? Can we demonstrate how the Adelaide Fringe contributes to Festival season and the state? This is a great example of a Smart City approach to Big Data: taking a large, variable data source and analysing it to determine how to make the city better for everyone. The Australian Smart Cities Consortium is proud to co-sponsor this event as part of its mission to make Adelaide one of the top five Smart Cities in the world by 2020.

Are you an artist? A business person? A sociologist? A psychologist? A scientist? A mathematician? A programmer? Whatever you’re studying, there’s a place on a team for you, working with other students to find interesting ways to make this data useful. You’ll discuss possible problems with representatives from Fringe venues, shows, and organisations to find real world problems that you can help to solve.

At the end of the course, we’re putting on Big Tent Day on the University campus, where every team will display their ideas and any progress to a solution. This is the place where your work can be displayed as part of the ‘Festival of the Future Fringe’ event, and it’s a great opportunity to find future employers, backers, and the people who can give you the crucial feedback to turn your Minimal Viable Product into a production success.

Between the two major course weeks, we’ll be holding a data exploration of the Fringe data – the Fringe Data Deep Dive. We’ll be encouraging everyone to participate in a deep exploration of the Fringe data. The collaborative explorations carried out from 5 to 9 February will be a rich source of inspiration and solutions for your teams, reflecting the Smart City ethos of developing better solutions through clever collaboration.

We’re encouraging secondary schools to take part in our Fringe Data Deep Dive as well! If you’re a teacher or a principal for years 9–12, we’d love to hear from you as well.

What’s in it for you?

  • Prizes (Best Fringe Solution, Best City Contribution, Best Use of Data, among others)
  • Course credit for ENTREP 3900 OR ENTREP 7900
  • Interact with local and visiting Fringe artists and venue organisers
  • A sound introduction to entrepreneurship and exposure to some of Adelaide’s most exciting and innovative business people

Students enrolled in Computer Science degrees may count ENTREP 3900 towards their degree programs if they have approval from the Head of School and undertake identified key elements to achieve all of the requisite learning outcomes. With approval, this may be presented instead of MATHS 3025 Professional Practice (replacement for Communication Skills) or ENTREP 3901 Tech eChallenge. Approval should be sought from the school prior to commencing the e-Challenge.

Course dates:

Monday 29 and Tuesday 30 January, 9am to 5pm

Wednesday 31 January and Thursday 1 February, 1pm to 7pm

Monday to Wednesday, 12 to 14 February, 9am to 5pm

Big Tent day TBA February

Pitch day TBA February

Dive Into Fringe Data (optional):

Monday to Friday, February 5 to 9, 9am to 5pm

Click here to enrol as a student or email eChallenge with any questions.

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