Stationery Reuse

Reusing items diverts waste from landfill, allows quality products to be used to their full extent, and reduces greenhouse gas produced through the harvesting of raw materials for new items.

Reuse-athon Semester 1 2022

Reuse Events

Reuse Events are held each semester on the North Terrace Campus to redistribute excess stationery, office items and text books from around the University. We do not distribute stationery from outside the University of Adelaide.

Go to the Ecoversity events page to find out about the next reuse event.

How to donate 

  1. Email us with information about what you have to donate
  2. On confirmation of accepted items from Ecoversity staff, box up stationery with a lid and label ‘Reuse Event’
  3. We'll provide instructions on what to do next

What Can Be Donated?

Accepted Not accepted
Blank writing pads Damaged goods
Text books Boxes of lever-arch folders
Plastic sleeves Electrical items
Paper dividers Filing cabinet dividers
Scissors, staplers and sticky-tape Lanyards and plastic conference tags
Pens, pencils and textas CDs and DVDs
Bulldog and paper clips Kitchen items
Excess university merchandise Hole punchers

Tips for Cleaning Out the Office

The end of semester can leave areas with a lot of extra waste. Don't just dump it in landfill. Donate it or recycle it correctly.

  1. Ask students to pick up their assignments and projects from a central collection point.
  2. Clear out lockers, desks and personal storage spaces individually, then tackle shared storage as a group.
  3. Save files electronically and send important documents to Records Services for secure storage.
  4. Group broken or excess furniture together for correct disposal and Request a Service (caretakers) for collection.
  5. Donate excess stationery to the next reuse event.
  6. Dispose of paper/cardboard, recycling and landfill correctly. Request a Service (waste) and ask for 660L bins if you have polystyrene or large objects.
  7. Box up collections of e-waste for correct disposal and Request a Service (caretakers) for collection.
  8. Split-recycle (i.e. pull apart) items where possible:
    • Remove bull-dog clips and plastic or metal binding from bound documents
    • Empty plastic packaging and polystyrene, then flatten cardboard boxes
    • Break up models that have recyclable components.