Plastic straws pollute our land and oceans, kill marine life and represent 7.5% of all plastic debris washed up on Australian beaches. 

Sea creatures with plastic straw

The South Australian government has drafted a legislation to ban certain single-use plastic products including plastic straws, drink stirrers and plastic bags by December 2020. This initiative will make South Australia the first state to outlaw such items, with the expectation that other single-use items s such as coffee cups and lids will be next to go.

All University retailers have agreed to transition from plastic to paper straws by the end of 2020.

DID YOU KNOW: In Australia we throw out more than 10 million plastic straws per day, despite each one only being used for around 10 minutes.

What you can do

  • Go without and #choosetorefuse.
  • Only use alternatives to plastic straws, such as paper or rye straws.
  • BYO reusable bamboo or stainless steel straw.
  • Help educate your colleagues and friends about the problem of plastic straws.