About Us

The Ecoversity program was established in 2008 to educate, promote and inspire sustainable action on campus.

Ecoversity is focused on education and engagement, and is a key part of the University’s broader Sustainability Strategy. Our activities cover a broad range of themes including waste, water, recycling, reuse, carbon reduction, sustainable transport, ethical purchasing, biodiversity and conservation. For many students, particularly those from overseas, Ecoversity is their introduction to learning about sustainability.

We are based in the Infrastructure Branch and work closely with colleagues responsible for facilities management, campus planning, strategy development, retail and leasing, and project management.

Who we are

The Ecoversity team are intent on finding solutions, making sustainability fun, and helping students harness and utilise their passion for sustainability.

Catherine Woods

Engagement Project Officer (FTE 0.4)

Chai Oonnankat

Environmental Intern
(FTE 0.2)

Maddie McShane

Environmental Intern
(FTE 0.2)

What we do

  • Communicate and educate
  • Provide information and advice
  • Host sustainable events
  • Develop and deliver training programs and behavior change campaigns
  • Liaise with, and connect people 
  • Advocate for improved policy and processes
  • Arrange and manage specialist recycling services 
  • Create and install signage and facilities
  • Develop and administer competitive sponsorship programs
  • Assist with environmental reporting
  • Contribute to sustainability strategy development and planning
  • Small-scale project management

We collaborate with student clubs, faculty staff, grounds people, cleaners, local council, non-government organisations, consultants, and our sustainability colleagues at educational institutions around Australasia. 

Along with our dedicated volunteers (Eco Heroes), we encourage the University community to:

  • be resourceful, resilient, and responsive to environmental impacts
  • appreciate and connect with nature
  • learn new skills
  • stay informed; and
  • practice sustainable behaviors.

Search for advice or assistance or contact us to discuss your idea or challenge.