Rooftop Solar

The University has reduced carbon emissions by installing thousands of solar panels on rooftops at North Terrace, Roseworthy and Waite.

Solar panels are generating electricity during the day and reducing reliance on the energy grid.

The University also has a ground-mounted solar farm at the Roseworthy Campus, producing around 42% of the campuses electricity needs.


  • Total kW of renewable energy installed on campus: 1,870
  • Cost: $7.52 million
  • Lifetime savings: $11.8 million
  • Lifetime energy savings: 171,117 GJ
  • Lifetime GHG emission reduction: 23,353 tonnes CO2-e
  • Average payback period: 6.3 years

To learn more about the projects, contact Libby Hogarth, Sustainable Development Planner.

Rooftop solar installation summary

Campus Building Solar System Capacity
North Terrace Engineering South 75kW
  Barr Smith South 99kW
  Ingkarni Wardli 30kW
  Kenneth Wills 60kW
Waite Charles Hawker 82kW
  Wine Innovation 178kW
  Davies 44kW
Roseworthy College Hall 29kW
  Equine Centre 30kW
  Vet School 30kW
  Solar Farm 1200kW

For more information contact Libby Hogarth, Sustainable Development Planner.