Water Retrofits

Our investment in rainwater tanks for research, low-flow taps in bathrooms and specialist laboratory equipment is reducing the University's mains water consumption.

All campus irrigation systems have been upgraded to use recycled water for the majority of our grounds and gardens; and endemic species, drought tolerant plants, and shade producing trees are chosen when landscaping.


  • Buildings: Molecular Life Sciences, Engineering Maths, Santos, Barr Smith South, Schulz, Physics, Waite Campus
  • Cost: $71,936
  • Lifetime savings: $2 million
  • Lifetime water savings: 806,093kL
  • Lifetime GHG emission reduction: 1,762 tonnes CO2-e
  • Average payback period: 14 years

To learn more about the projects, contact Libby Hogarth, Sustainable Development Planner.