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Get Involved in Ecoversity Programs

Whether you are a staff member or student, there are Ecoversity programs to fuel on-the-ground action and collaborative problem-solving.

Contact us for information about funding, opportunities, activities and events.

Our vision is of a university community that values and applies sustainable practices. In order to achieve this vision, each and every one of us will have to play our part by making small and regular changes to the way we live, work and study.

  • Get involved with Ecoversity events, campaigns and iniatives
  • Reduce your carbon emissions by walking, riding a bike, or catching public transport
  • Recycle what you can to help reduce landfill
  • Remember your reusable shopping bags when you go to the shops
  • Turn the lights off every time you leave the room
  • Buy recycled paper and ethical office supplies
  • Offset your carbon emissions when flying
  • Turn off your computer when you're not using it
  • Stop buying bottled water and fill up a reusable drink bottle instead
  • Use a reusable coffee cup rather than disposables
  • Be vocal about sustainability - talk to your friends and family about what they can do
  • Join a sustainability-minded student group, like the Adelaide Sustainability Association or Fair Trade Collective 

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