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Staff Ecoleaders

An Ecoleader is a sustainability representative based in a school or a local area - a sustainability ‘Change Champion’.

As an Ecoleader, you are our eyes and ears on the ground, helping to identify, action and monitor sustainability opportunities specific to their area. You know your area better than us, so whether you are interested in energy efficiency, recycling, ethical purchasing or sustainable events, we can work with you to build knowledge, improve practices and hopefully, help your area realise efficiencies.

Take initiative for sustainability in your area and become an Ecoleader today!

Ecoleader Checklist Graphic

What we can provide you with

  • Information and sounding board advice to determine the feasibility of an idea.
  • Prompts to help you and your colleagues remember to switch off, e.g. Switch Off stickers for lights and appliances, fume hood stickers to encourage you to lower the sash and Ecoversity mouse mats to remind you power down a computer at night.
  • An Energy Meter or Lux (light) Meter to test the efficiency of your IT, appliances or lights. Understanding where energy is used is the first step towards making efficiencies.
  • Instructions and templates for a ‘Night Audit’, which can help identify the technology, lights and appliances that are draining your building’s energy overnight.
  • Historical electricity and gas data, to help you identify consumption patterns.
  • Recycling, food waste and landfill bin covers for use at University events (fits a 240L wheely bin).
  • An Ecoleader goodie bag, packed full of information, promotional material and more.

Get started today

    • Subscribe to our monthly sustainability newsletter. Speak to your manager about providing us with an .xcel doc of your colleagues email addresses so we can share it with them too. Individuals can unsubscribe if they don’t wish to receive it.
    • Check out our Resources. There are guides, tips and contact information on a multitude of subjects that you might not be aware of, plus Case Studies to further inspire action.
    • Get ‘sustainability’ on the agenda of your school or faculty meeting. Commit 10 minutes each month to brainstorm ideas for improvement to your area, or share information and opportunities to get involved in sustainability on campus.
    • Download the Ecoleader Checklist and start ticking things off the list. Once you have completed your checklist, consider which focus area you would like to improve first, then contact us and we can work with you to help green your workspace.
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