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Coursework Internships

Since 2010, more than 70 undergrads have completed mandatory coursework internships with us.

Students have come from a range of degrees including Engineering, Sciences, Environmental Management, Media, Arts and Development Studies. Students have worked on a diverse range of projects covering energy efficiency, recycling, social media and sustainable behaviour change.

Internship Eligibility

  1. I have a passion for environmental sustainability
  2. My current degree includes a mandatory work experience component
  3. I am prepared to work with Ecoversity and/or my internship supervisor to develop a suitable project brief (if required)

If you can answer 'Yes' to all three statements, please contact us at and we can discuss your options.

Please be aware that our capacity to take on numerous interns simultaneously is dependent on the type and scope of projects.

Bec (2011)

Bec was one of the first Ecoversity interns and a key instigator in the University receiving Fairtrade accreditation in 2012. Bec's internship involved development of a new UoA Sustainability Policy. She now works as a Sustainability Project Officer with the Adelaide City Council.

Alice (2013)

You have Alice to thank for the Edible Garden located outside the Hub Central student kitchen. Alice had a hand in all aspects of the garden establishment, including design, student engagement and event management. She also stars in one of our all-time favourite Ecoversity promo shots! Alice resides in her home country, Japan.

Kristian (2014)

We met Kristian through the first Green Steps @ Adelaide training program. After doing such a smashing job on his on-campus project (developing a furniture reuse program), we asked Kristian joined the Ecoversity team in 2015 and he worked with us until his graduation in 2016.

Stella (2014)

Stella's final year Mechanical Engineering project looked at the feasibility of retrofitting the Engineering South building on the North Terrace Campus. The project went on to win Best Energy Related Project at the 2014 MechExpo! Stella now works in Adelaide as an ESD Consultant with Cundall.

Raelene (2016)

Raelene was our first student from the ARTS Internship Program. Rae did a fabulous job creating a new Ecoversity social media strategy for us and directing a photoshoot with students from the Adelaide Sustainability Association, who now feature throughout our website, social media and numerous Ecoversity publications.

Conor (2017)

On exchange from the University of Exeter in the UK, Conor was another cracking student from the ARTS Internship Program. An English Literature major with experience in social media, Conor's internship expanded on Raelene's project and resulted in our brand new Ecoversity Facebook and Instagram.

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