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Case Studies

By sharing best practices from individuals and groups, we can inspire others to live and work more sustainably.

Each of the following projects has been led by staff or students and reflects a commitment to the improvement of our campus and surroundings in a way that supports the University's sustainability vision. Many of the projects have been funded through the Ecoversity Green Project Fund.

    Schulz Energy Efficiency

    Research ingenuity and operational improvement combine to save energy on campus through innovative building control.

    Our CNA Partnership

    The University's partnership with Carbon Neutral Adelaide is our commitment to a sustainable and prosperous future for South Australia.

    Sustainability Supergroup

    The Adelaide Sustainability Association provides dynamic professional development opportunities for its 1,000+ members.

      Green Composting (BioBin)

      An innovative solution to a major problem, the Biobin takes waste from the lab to the garden.

      Fair Trade Collective

      These passionate students promote Fair Trade and social responsibility on campus.

      Bin Monsters

      A Campaign designed to promote correct waste and recycling practices in Hub Central on the North Terrace Campus.

      Gamifying Waste Education

      Computer Sciences students provide a fun, socio-technological solution to incorrect recycling behaviour on campus.

      Waterless Condensers

      Waterless condensers in North Terrace chemistry laboratories have reduced waste water loss from refluxing to zero.

      Mech Eng LED Retrofit

      One of the first LED lighting retrofits on campus resulted in a 48% reduction in electricity use in workshop lighting.

      Waite Childrens Centre

      The Waite Campus Childrens Centre is a recognised sustainability leader in the early education and care sector.

      LED Night Lighting

      A lighting retrofit at the North Terrace Campus improves light quality and energy efficiency.

      Sustainable Living Guide

      Tips for students to lead a more environmentally friendly lifestyle on and off campus. Created by ECOS.

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