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Waite Campus Childrens Centre Solar

Now 80% Solar Powered and recycling 90% of their waste.

The WCCC is a recognised sustainability leader in the early education and care sector, having implemented a number of sustainability projects to reduce its environmental footprint, such as LED lights, rain water harvesting and reuse,  organic recycling and carbon offsetting. The Centre uses these projects as learning tools for children and has a focus on education for sustainability.

Waite Campus Childrens Centre front

Over the past few years the centre has received Green Project Funding to support the upgrade of their existing 1.92kW solar array, to a 10kW system, install an energy efficient cooling system and water saving taps. Solar now provides approximately 80% of the Centre’s electricity needs.

The Centre has received a number of awards for their sustainability efforts including 2011 NRM Education for ‘most outstanding site’ for their education for sustainability approach, and 2011 Native Garden Awards, run by the Sustainable Landscapes Project at the Botanic Gardens of Adelaide for Pilyabilyangga (the butterfly place) inspired and developed by the parents and educators of the Centre. The garden has more than 1,000 indigenous butterfly attracting plants.

We believe that we have a role in educating, not only the children and families who attend our service, but the broader Waite Campus, the University as a whole, and the community.
Kaarin Wilkinson, Director of the Waite Campus Childrens Centre.

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