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Adelaide Sustainability Association (ASA)

This sustainability super-group brings together students, academics and industry professionals who are focused on sustainable outcomes for society.

The ASA provides dynamic professional development opportunities for University of Adelaide students. Led by a passionate committee and with the assistance of academic mentors, the ASA are highly motivated and optimistic about finding solutions to the problems climate change presents.

The ASA raise awareness about sustainability issues and challenges, and empower its members through peer-to-peer engagement and on-campus events. The multidisciplinary nature of the Club allows students who wouldn’t ordinarily interact, to unite and bring their unique education and perspective to the table.

The ASA’s Young Sustainability Leaders Program provides specific opportunities for high-achieving students to build knowledge, and develop skills and capabilities needed by sustainability professionals. The program includes career development sessions, industry mentoring, and networking events with leaders from business and government.

The ASA is helping to create advocates and ambassadors for sustainability across a wide range of professions and that can only be good for South Australia and the world. Dr Charlie Hargroves

In 2017, the ASA won an ACTS Green Gown Award in the Student Engagement category, and ASA mentor, Dr Charlie Hargroves, was shortlisted in the Individual Staff category.

Infrastructure Engagement
North Terrace Campus
The University of Adelaide

Telephone: +61 8 8313 3763

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