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LED Lighting Retro-fit in the Engineering Workshop

Green Project reduces electricity related to lighting by 48%.

Philip Schmidt is all about using less, doing things smarter and not producing so much waste. As a technician for the School of Mechanical Engineering, Phillip saw many ways the School could operate more efficiently and in 2012, applied for funding through the University’s  Green Project Fund to replace lighting in the workshop with more efficient LED technology.

Not only has Philip’s project realised a 48% reduction in electricity use in workshop lighting, but power factor has improved to 0.99% on these circuits. Maintenance costs have also been significantly reduced as LED lights last longer than the old fluorescent technology, and lghting quality in the workshop has improved dramatically.

Philip’s project created a case study that the rest of the University now refer to and learn from when implementing other lighting retro-fits on campus. Due to Philip's electrical background and passion for sustainability, this project has been documented in detail from day one. Philip regularly advocates to others to use the technology, taking tours of the workshop and explaining the process.

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