Green Impact

Create a green team, make sustainable change and compete with teams to be recognised as the greenest of them all.

Green Impact group photo 2019

Green Impact allows you to get involved in practical sustainability in a structured way, on campus and at home. A key principle is that changes, no matter how small, can add up to make a real difference. 

Actions cover recycling, reuse, energy, water, purchasing, communications, and individual action. You can focus on topics that are of interest you. Teams earn points for each action they complete and prizes are awarded for effort and ingenuity.

Green Impact at Home

For most of us, COVID-19 has dramatically impacted the way we live, work and study. Green Impact at Home allows you to focus your energy on sustainability at home, as well as back on campus when classes resume.

At-home actions are fun and will directly benefit you and your household. They encourage you to:

  • stay engaged with friends, family and work colleagues
  • reuse waste in more imaginative ways
  • get outdoors
  • support the less fortunate in your community
  • learn new skills

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The 2020 program runs from Friday 1 May until Friday 28 August.

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Download previous Green Impact communications.

Take a look at what previous teams have achieved:

Last years winning team, The Evergreens, completed more than 40 actions to improve sustainability at Rundle Mall Plaza.

  • How does Green Impact work?

    Teams of staff and students work together to complete actions that improve sustainability in their work place or household. As teams complete actions, they earn points and compete against other teams to win prizes.

    1. Sign up to the program and register a team for your office, area, building or household. Registration code 170.
    2. Complete actions from an online Action Bank and record evidence as you go, earning points.
    3. Get support from Ecoversity staff.
    4. Submit your actions by the closing date.
    5. Your actions will be reviewed to confirm how many points your team has earned.
    6. Celebrate your achievements at the Green Impact Awards ceremony where prizes are awarded.
  • Why get involved in Green Impact on Campus?

    • Make your office or lab a more sustainable and efficient place to work.
    • Meet new people who care about the type of things that you do.
    • Learn about social and environmental issues that impact the University.
    • The program is easy, free and rewarding.
    • Get recognised for positive actions and be in the running to win prizes.
  • Why get involved in Green Impact at Home?

    • Make your household a more sustainable and efficient place to live.
    • Actions are fun and directly benefit you and your household.
    • Stay connected to others who think like you do.
    • Get recognised for your efforts and go into the running to win prizes.
  • How prescriptive is Green Impact?

    The program is flexible, allowing you to take action on whatever interests you, or is most suitable for your workplace or household. It’s also a fun way to connect with your colleagues and friends on a common goal. The majority of on-campus actions can be done at zero cost with minimal effort. Some of the at-home actions require a small investment from you, but you and your household will directly benefit from this.

  • How much time will Green Impact take?

    It’s completely up to you. You don’t have to tackle every action – but you can if you want to. You can choose to only participate in Green Impact at Home, Green Impact on Campus or both. You’d be surprised at what you can achieve by committing 5 minutes per day.

  • What sort of action can I take?

    There are nearly 200 actions to choose from that help:

    • reduce energy, waste and water
    • increase recycling
    • improve purchasing decisions
    • encourage you to learn new skills
    • support your community
    • connect you to nature
    • engage and inspire others.

    Actions are split into categories, according to their impact and level of difficulty. Select actions depending on what aspects of sustainability you want to focus on.

  • What assistance and resources are available?

    Links to websites and resources are built into the Green Impact Action Bank. There are also materials that can be downloaded from the A to Z of Advice that will assist you in completing actions or communicating your ideas. Resources include: 

    •    posters and digital signage 
    •    templates
    •    fact sheets
    •    social media and newsletter content
    •    statistics. 

    The Ecoversity team can provide prompt stickers, advice, ideas and competition give-away's. 

  • Can students join green teams?

    Yes. PhD students are encouraged to participate in Green Impact on Campus as part of a larger staff team and/or Green Impact at Home with their colleagues or household.

    Undergrad students are encouraged to participate in Green Impact at Home by creating a team with their household or forming a larger team with friends from multiple households. They are also encouraged to create teams that represent their campus Club or Society and participate in Green Impact on Campus.

    Contact the Ecoversity team to talk through these options.

  • Do I get recognition for participating?

    Yes! The end-of-year Awards event is an opportunity for all Green Impact participants to come together and celebrate what has been achieved throughout the program. University-wide communications following the event promote teams and individuals who have made a significant impact on campus or at home.

    Students who take part in Green Impact can count the hours towards the Adelaide Graduate Award, which recognises extra-curricular achievement on your academic transcript.

  • How do the Awards work?

    At the end of the action-stage of the program, prizes are awarded to the team with the most points, teams who achieve Bronze, Silver or Gold accreditation, and to individuals or ideas that are creative, inspirational or influential. Prizes will be awarded for both Green Impact on Campus and Green Impact at Home participants.

  • Can’t we just do this ourselves?

    You sure can. As long as you are taking daily steps to improve the sustainability of your workplace or home, that's a good thing! However, a structured program like Green Impact can makes things easier. The program provides focus to your sustainability work, as well as connecting you into a mini network of other people using the same mechanism to drive positive change. It also gives you the chance to win prizes and recognition

  • Can I really make a difference?

    Yes! Actions directly link to targets and strategies in the Campus Sustainability Plan and the process of completing actions will help others develop local plans for greening a work space, changing behaviours, and helping to foster a culture of sustainability on campus. Green Impact isn’t primarily about individual action, it’s about what you’re able to achieve in a team, and collectively, as a large group of University of Adelaide participants. 

    Green Impact at Home directly benefits you and your household.

  • What dates should I be aware of?

    •    1 May to 28 August 2020 - Teams complete actions
    •    Friday 28 August 2020 (TBC) - Submission of online Action Banks
    •    Wednesday 23 September (mid-semester break) - Action Bank Reviews
    •    Friday 23 October - Green Impact Awards event

  • Is there a deadline for signing up?

    No. Once the program has launched for the year you can sign up at any time before the closing date. However, it’s better to sign up sooner rather than later as it will give your team more time to complete the actions and take advantage of training and support provided.