Planet Gambit

Make sustainable changes and win!

Planet Gambit 2021

Play Planet Gambit via the Goosechase App during semester 2, and compete with your friends and colleagues for prizes and glory.

Planet Gambit encourages staff and students to incorporate sustainability into their daily life on campus and at home, using the key principle that small changes can add up to make a real difference. 

The game has missions related to communication and awareness, recycling, food waste, energy and more. Participants earn points for each mission they complete and prizes are awarded for effort and ingenuity.

The challenge begins 9 August 2021.

  • How do I play the game?

    1. Sign up and create a team (yourself), and “missions” will become available for you to undertake.
    2. Complete the missions and submit evidence (a photo, video, live photo or text answer) as you go. Read the mission description carefully to understand the type of evidence required.
    3. Earn points and appear on the Leader Board.
    4. Every week, new missions will be added to the game. The old missions will not expire until the end of the game so you can complete them at any time.
    5. Your evidence will be reviewed to confirm how many points you have earned at the completion of the game. In the event of a tie, the quality of submissions will be considered to determine a winner.
    6. Celebrate your achievements. 
  • How does the game work?

    Within the App there are around 100 missions to complete. Missions are split into different categories and you can choose to focus on one or all categories. Prizes are up for grabs in each category.

    You are encouraged to complete as many missions as you can, but you don't have to do everything.

    At the end of the game, the overall winner will be the participant with maximum points, along with one prize per category

    • The Influencer (communications and engagement) – With Kardashian-scale networks coupled with charisma, charm and style, The Influencer convinces others to be as passionate about the environment as they are. 
    • The Waste Warrior (waste, recycling and reuse) – Living by the Waste Warrior code, this bin ninja knows there is no such thing as waste, just items in the wrong place.
    • The Earth-wise Foodie (food and gardens) – Stand aside Nigella, The Earth-wise Foodie not only creates delicious dishes but saves the planet at the same time. 
    • The Smartest Cookie (personal practices) – A smart cookie, this one is. Yoda level knowledge of how to live the most sustainable life and help save the world at the same time.
    • The Power Ranger (energy and carbon reduction) – With great power comes great responsibility. The Power Ranger saves the world from over energy consumption (Lycra not required).
  • Is Planet Gambit for staff or students?

    Planet Gambit has been designed for both staff and students. Everyone is encouraged to participate in the game and challenge each other.

  • What can I win?

    Prizes are awarded to the participant with the most points overall, plus the top performing participants in each category. Prizes include a plastic-free cleaning product kit, a farm stay experience and  a sustainable food experience.

  • Is there a deadline for signing up?

    Once the program has launched you can sign up at any time before the closing date. However, there are missions that require a certain period of time, so it’s better to get involved sooner rather than later.

  • What are the Terms and Conditions?

    1. Only current University of Adelaide Staff and Students may enter "The Planet Gambit" competition excluding Environmental Interns and the Sustainable Development Planner. One entry per person only.
    2. Follow the Instructions to enter the competition via the Goosechase app, Further information about "The Planet Gambit" competition can be found at the Ecoversity website,
    3. Prizes will be awarded based on the points collected throughout "The Planet Gambit" competition AND the quality of responses provided by participants. A number of prizes are available for game leaders and category leaders at the end of the "The Planet Gambit" competition. Winners will be announced on or before Friday 29th of October 2021. Winners will be notified through the Goosechase app when and where they can collect their prize on campus. Student or Staff identification will be required when collecting prizes.
    4. "The Planet Gambit" competition begins on the 9th of August 2021, submissions will be received from this date until the competition closes on Friday 23th of October 2021. Each week 10 extra challenges will be released for participants to play.
    5. Participants are responsible for any and all expenses they incur in entering, completing the challenges or winning the comp.
    6. Prizes are not transferrable and not redeemable for cash.
    7. "The Planet Gambit" competition does not collect any personal information and follows the Australian Privacy Principles,
    8. In playing "The Planet Gambit" competition, participants grant permission to the University of Adelaide to use, reproduce and communication (in hardcopy or electronic format) any photographs, audio and/or video recordings uploaded for the following purposes: University publications and promotional activities (including but not limited to the University’s website and social media sites, promotional and marketing materials and student recruitment activities); The University’s administrative and teaching purposes. I acknowledge and agree that this may result in public disclosure of my image.
    9. By playing "The Planet Gambit" you agree to these terms and conditions.