Sustainability Week

A week of collaboration to empower our university

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Sustainability Week 2022 has wrapped up - but sustainability is not just one week of the year. We encourage you to continue the conversations started. You can give us feedback to help us improve future events. You can also get in touch with us if you are interested in getting involved with Sustainability Week 2023.

Sustainability Week is a five-day event that brings together University of Adelaide students, clubs, staff and special guests for a series of workshops, panels, films and other activities that aim to foster positive discussion and practical sustainability on and off campus.

The theme for 2022 was Empowerment, which encompassed empowerment as a consumer, as a future professional or leader, and as a global citizen.

Student clubs, societies, Institutes and Faculties participated in more than 30 activities held at North Terrace, AHMS or Roseworthy campus. All events were FREE and everyone was welcomed.

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  • Where can I give feedback?

    Sustainability Week 2022 Feedback Survey has closed but if you have any suggestions or ideas for future events, please contact us.

  • Where and when was Sustainability Week 2023?

    Sustainability Week 2022 was held in week 5 of semester 2. If you would like your club, society or institute to take part in Sustainability Week 2023 please get in touch with the Ecoversity team. 

  • What topics does Sustainability Week seek to incorporate?

    Sustainability means different things to different people. These and many more topics could form the basis of your event or activity:

    • Sustainable food and agriculture
    • Circular economy
    • Environmental policy and law
    • Slow fashion
    • Activism
    • Sustainable finance
    • Sustainable transport and cycling
    • Recycling and reuse
    • Renewable energy and new technologies
    • Conservation