Sustainability Week 2022

A week of collaboration to empower our university

Sustainability Week 2019 sign

Sustainability Week will be held from Monday 22 August to Friday 26 August 2022 (week 5 of semester 2).

It is a five-day event that brings together University of Adelaide students, clubs, staff and special guests for a series of workshops, panels, films and other activities that aim to foster positive discussion and practical sustainability on and off campus.

The theme for this year's event is Empowerment, which encompasses empowerment as a consumer, as a future professional or leader, and as a global citizen. All activities and events will be organised to fit within one or more of these areas.

Student clubs, societies, Institutes and Faculties are invited to band together to present a session at either North Terrace, Waite or Roseworthy campus.

Submit an expression of interest in hosting an event or activity, and contact us by Monday 11 July to discuss your involvement.

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  • Where and when is Sustainability Week 2022?

    Sustainability Week is scheduled for Monday 22 August to Friday 26 August 2022 (week 5 of semester 2).

    Most events will be held at the North Terrace campus, in and around Hub Central.  Additional events and exhibitions will be hosted at AHMS and the Roseworthy campus.

  • How can I get involved?

    You can participate in Sustainability week as an individual or as part of a club.

    1. Hosting or co-hosting an event or activity

    Think about how sustainability fits (or could fit) into your club’s existing activities. Is there an expert you could invite onto campus to speak about a your club's area of interest? Could you present a workshop related to one of the many topics listed below? Could you host a debate or panel session with an environmental topic? Could you re-schedule an existing nature walk, conservation activity or relevant sporting event, to occur during Sustainability Week?

    Contact us asap to discuss your idea.

    2. Attending an event in person or online

    Most Sustainability Week events will be scheduled between 10am and 3pm each day, with additional events after-hours. Where possible, events will be recorded or live-streamed.

    3. Helping to promote Sustainability Week

    You are encouraged to tell your friends, and share detail about Sustainability Week (including specific event information) via social media, through your club's regular communication channels.

  • What type of event or activity could my club host?

    Clubs are encouraged to host or co-host an event that fits with their existing activities. Ideas include:

    • Panel session
    • Lecture with guest speakers (online or in person)
    • Skills workshop e.g. making, mending, writing, creating
    • Debate
    • Clothes swap
    • Nature walk
    • Film screening
    • Cooking class
    • Garden working bee
    • Sporting or outdoor activity e.g. yoga, mountaineering, running
    • Conservation field work

    Think about whether you could re-schedule an event that you've already planned to host, during Sustainability Week.

  • What are the confirmed activities or events?

    As of 15 June 2022, confirmed events and activities include:

    • Regenerating Australia film screening and Q&A with film maker, Damon Gameau in The Braggs lecture theatre (Environment Institute and Ecoversity)
    • Market Day in Hub Central with external groups including Conservation Volunteers Australia, Fossil Free SA and The Jane Goodall Foundation 
    • SALA photography exhibition in Hub Central (The Biology Society)
    • River film screening in Union House Cinema (Film Society and Ecoversity)
    • Clothes Swap in the Hub Co-Op (Adelaide Sustainability Association and the UoA Women's Collective)
    • DIY Wheat bag and Scrunchie-making Workshop in the Hub Co-Op (UoA Women's Collective)
    • River film screening at Roseworthy Campus (RACSUC and Ecoversity)
    • DIY Bathroom Product Workshop at Roseworthy Campus (RACSUC and Ecoversity)
    • Sustaining positive mental health in a climate crisis (Wellbeing Hub and Ecoversity)
  • What topics will Sustainability Week seek to incorporate?

    Sustainability means different things to different people. These and many more topics could form the basis of your event or activity:

    • Sustainable food and agriculture
    • Circular economy
    • Environmental policy and law
    • Slow fashion
    • Activism
    • Sustainable finance
    • Sustainable transport and cycling
    • Recycling and reuse
    • Renewable energy and new technologies
    • Conservation
  • Why should my club, Institute or Faculty be part of Sustainability Week?

    • Be an active participant in promoting a sustainable lifestyle and combating climate change
    • Contribute positively to student life
    • Be part of one of the largest collaborative events on campus during 2022
    • Promote your goals and activities to a broader audience
  • What support and assistance can be provided?

    The Ecoversity team can assist with venue bookings, event logistics, scheduling and volunteer coordination. University-wide promotions will also be provided. 

    Contact us as soon as possible to discuss budget support.