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Cartridge recycling box

Cartridge Recycling

The University's cartridge and toner recycling service is free and is managed by the local area. The process for recycling will depend on the type of cartridge you use.

The University has recycled more than 6,000 kg of used cartridges and toner bottles through Cartridges for Planet Ark since 2012.


  • Go to the Close the Loop website and register for the free program.
  • If you have a Ricoh printer, you'll be redirected to the Ricoh website, where the process is exactly the same. 
  • A box and bags with your registration identification code will be delivered within a week.
  • Assemble the collection box and place it next to your printer for all used inkjet and toner cartridges, and toner bottles.
  • Recycle cardboard packaging from the cartridges in your blue paper/cardboard bin. 
  • Once cartridge the bag is 2/3 full, tie it with the cable ties provided and book a free pick up online, quoting your number on the stickers attached to each bag.

The Problem

Cartridges sent to landfill can take between 450 to 1000 years to break down, contaminating soil, groundwater and eventually larger waterways.

Benefits of recycling include:

  • Recovering useful resources such as plastics, metals and inks that can be used to make new products like stationary and sustainable asphalt.
  • Saving water and energy by making products from recycled materials, rather than raw materials.
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions as a result of diverting waste from landfill.
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