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Cycling Skills Program

We've got events, info and free gear to encourage staff and students to regularly ride to Uni.

The Cycling Skills Program includes:

  • Free bike maintenance
  • SAPOL bike engraving (to help track down your bike if it gets stolen)
  • Cycle Safety Sessions presented by Bike SA
  • Events like Ride to Uni Day
  • Locks, lights and other bike accessories

Bicycle Buy-Back Scheme

We are teaming up with Treadly on Campus to trial a Bicycle Buy-Back Scheme with UoA students.

Whether you’re heading home for the summer and can’t take your bike with you or are finishing up your studies, Treadly will buy your bike, service it and have it ready for a new owner in O-Week 2019. There will also be deals for cyclists on D-locks and helmets in the new year.

Bring your bike past Treadly on Tuesday 20 or Wednesday 21 November between 10am and 3pm and send it to a new home.

Conditions Apply

  • The seller must complete a Transfer of Ownership form confirming that they are the rightful owner of the bike.
  • Bikes must be in good working order. No rusted bikes or flat tyres.
  • The sale price is determined by Treadly bike mechanics, based the quality of bike and capped at $150.
  • No helmets or locks.
  • One bike per person.
  • A maximum of 15 bikes can be received during the trial period. 

2018 Cycling Skills Program Stats

  • Number of people that participated in cycling events: 197 (112 staff, 85 students)
  • Number of bikes serviced: well over 100
  • Number of events hosted: 7
  • Number of bike prizes (lights, locks) awarded: around 40

Bike Security

The best security against bike theft is using a D-lock. Read more about recommended locks.

It takes just three seconds for a thief to cut through a cable chain with a pair of bolt cutters and ride off on your bike. Watch them in action.

Read more about bike parking on campus.

Cycling In Traffic Safety Tips

        • Be alert always
        • Wear bright coloured clothing
        • Use bike lights - particularly at dusk/dawn/evenings
        • Stick to bike lanes or on the left side of the road
        • Cycle predictably and indicate your intentions clearly
        • Make eye contact with other road users
        • Watch parked cars from behind and look for opening doors

Don't know the route to campus? Find the quickest, safest route with Cycle Instead or Adelaide Metro.

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