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Get On Your Bike!

'Active transport', like cycling is good for the environment, can save you hundreds of dollars in parking and fuel costs, and helps keep you healthy.

The Ecoversity Cycling Skills Program includes a swag of free gear and events that have been designed to encourage staff and students to regularly ride to Uni:

  • Free bike maintenance
  • SAPOL bike engraving (to help track it down if it gets stolen)
  • Cycle Safety Sessions presented by Bike SA
  • Breakfast events for cyclists (such as Ride to Uni Day)
  • Free locks, lights and other bike accessories

Our 2017 Program incorporated 8 events with hundreds of staff and students. 37 bikes were engraved, 64 bikes benefited from bike maintenance and 123 people attended Cycle Safety Sessions.

Prizes at Ride to Uni Day

Read more about end-of-trip facilities on campus.

Bike Security

The North Terrace campus is open to the public, which makes it a tempting location for bike thieves. In 2017 more than 70 bikes were stolen from bike racks on campus, with the majority taken between 2pm and 5pm during term time.

It takes just three seconds for a thief to cut through a cable chain with a pair of bolt cutters and ride off on your bike. Watch them in action.

The best security against bike theft is using a D-lock and you can get a decent lock for about $35. Read more about recommended locks.

Cycling In Traffic Safety Tips

    • Be alert always
    • Wear bright colored clothing
    • Use bike lights - particularly at dusk/dawn/evenings
    • Stick to bike lanes or on the left side of the road
    • Cycle predictably and indicate your intentions clearly
    • Make eye contact with other road users
    • Watch parked cars from behind and look for opening doors

Don't know the route to campus? Find the quickest, safest route with Cycle Instead or Adelaide Metro.

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