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Computer Efficiency

Night Audits have revealed that thousands of dollars worth of electricity is wasted annually because staff and students do not turn off computers, lights and other electrical devices. Switch off and power down to conserve energy in your building.

    • Switch off your computer and charging devices when not using them to stop the draw of standby power.
    • Set your monitor to sleep when away from your desk for more than 10 minutes as they are generally responsible for more than one third of a computer's energy consumption.
    • Change your computer settings:
    • Use networked communal printers rather than individual desk-top printers.
    • Set automatic timers on electrical equipment often left on stand-by overnight, such as electrical boilers or photocopiers.
    • Check the efficiency of old plug-in lab equipment using an energy meter and review the readings with the manufacturers specifications to see whether the device is working as efficiently as possible.

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