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Paper and cardboard recycling poster

Paper & Cardboard Recycling

If it's clean and dry it can be recycled via the blue paper/cardboard bin.

Paper and cardboard are some of the simplest and cheapest products to recycle and by maximising our reuse of this material we can reduce the number of virgin trees being felled to create new products. Recovered paper is also a valuable raw material that can be reused to create new paper and cardboard products including toilet paper, tissues, packaging, napkins and greeting cards.

How To Recycle Paper & Cardboard on Campus

      • Use an under-desk paper box to collect coloured paper, copy paper, newspapers, glossy magazines, post-it notes, envelopes (with and without windows), greeting cards and wrapping paper.
      • Have a 240L paper bin (confidential or otherwise) located next to all printers for ease of use.
      • Empty all plastic packaging and polystyrene from cardboard boxes and flatten boxes before adding them to the bin.
      • If there isn't a blue paper recycling bin available to use, add paper and cardboard items to a yellow mixed recycling bin.
      • Submit an Infrastructure Service Request for additional 240L paper bins and under-desk paper boxes.

What Can't Go in the Paper/Cardboard Bin?

      • Soiled items, e.g. dirty pizza box. Add to an organics or landfill bin.
      • Tissues and paper towel. Add to an organics or landfill bin.
      • 'Tetra pak' juice containers and long-life milk cartons with a foil or plastic lining. Add to a yellow mixed recycling bin.
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