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AuScope National MT Facility

AuScope Limited was formed with funding from the Australian Government with the aim of developing a world-class system of infrastructure to 'transform our understanding of the structure and evolution of the Australian continent'.

The collaborative program has exceeded expectations and delivered a range of technologies and capabilities in data collection, management, modeling and simulation. Making new data, information and knowledge available to industry and the community has improved scientific, business, educational and policy applications. Further investment in the Australian Geophysical Observing System (AGOS) through the Education Investment Fund (EIF) has increased and enhanced these resources.

We currently operate the AuScope National MT Facility. This $2 million pool of MT equipment provides enormous research opportunities that are unavailable elsewhere. All AuScope and AGOS equipment is available to national researchers through the National Research Facility for Earth Sounding (ANSIR).

The AuScope National MT Facility is arguably the most significant pool of MT equipment in the world. It includes:

  • 25 broadband MT instruments (103 Hz - 10-3 Hz)
  • 35 long-period MT instruments (101 Hz - 105 Hz)
  • 90 electric field and 10 magnetic field loggers (103 Hz - DC)
  • 8 seafloor long-period MT instruments (101 Hz - 105 Hz)
  • Solartron 1260 Spectral Impedance Analyser

For more information on our equipment or to discuss research opportunities contact Professor Graham Heinson or Mr Goran Boren.

Electrical Earth Imaging Group (EEI)

Electrical Earth Imaging (EEI)
Mawson Laboratories
University of Adelaide
Adelaide SA 5005


Professor Graham Heinson
T: 08-8313-5377 or +61-8-8313-5377
M: 0408 087 631 or +61-408-087-631