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Research Funding Provided by: Australian Government
Research Funding Provided by
Australian Government

Australian Research Council

Environmental Futures Network
Environmental Futures Network
The University of Adelaide
North Terrace Campus
Darling Building
South Australia 5005

Phone: +61 8 8303 3952
Facsimile: +61 8 8303 4364


Network funded projects in a snapshot:
  • Assembling a plant fossil record database from paper journal source to an on-line resource. This will include all Cenozoic plant macrofossil records from Australia in the first instance and may then be expanded to include New Zealand and the Cretaceous records.
  • Development of a symposia on plant systematics and evoltuion to feature in the International Botanical Congress program 2011.
  • An interactive identification guide to Australian invertebrates for students, ecologists, and environmental agencies and assessment companies.
  • SahulTime: An Interactive Exploration of Australia's Cultural and Natural History. SahulTime offers innovative ways to explore temporal data encompassing several discipline areas of study using a web browser, similar to the GoogleEarth interface. For highlights of this project follow this link
  • Development of tools to extend biodiversity scenarios to climate change impacts scenarios and establish a new global 'biodiversity observation network' (GEO BON)
  • Enhance end-user collaborations (such as Dept of Conservation and Biota Pty Ltd) via an on-line dtatbase resulting from outcomes of an earlier Network funded project that integrated various research efforts on short-range endemic taxa for arid regions in Australia.
  • Investigating Australia's past depositional regimes by accessing intact sedimentary sections (or core samples) to search for fossils as a result of the mining expansion in southern Australia. This will result in a web resource highlighting new fossil locations and potential for future research opportunities and industry partnerships.